Using His Wife To The Fullest!

I was boarding at this house, the normal husband wife and two kids, I rented a room, the husband was working away, and I got a bit friendly with the wife, nothing flirty, just talk about serious stuff, but she used to keep saying, ” you got the biggest hands, you know what big hands mean.” I didnt, but she wouldn’t tell me either.

One night while her husband was away I went to the pub for a couple of beers with some mates, when I got home she was pretty drunk, I said goodnight to her and had a shower, and went to bed, she was wiaiting in my bed for me, she gave me a condom and told me to put it on. At first I didn’t, thinking I would just talk until she sobered up a bit, but we started kissing and then I couldn’t help it anymore.

I pushed her back on the bed and she opened her legs up and turned off the light, we had sex a lot, I came in her a few times, she was saying things to me like ” It’s in me too far, its going to come out of my arse, ” and ” are you trying to put that right into my womb?  ”

Sometimes we just lay there, she would rub her belly up above her belly button saying things like. ” I dont believe I stretch this far for you ” we fucked and fucked, I didn’t pull my dick out of her all night.

The next morning she had a fit when she realised I had screwed her with no condom and her pusy was full of my cum, but she didn’t have to long to worry about it, her husband came home early while she was in the shower, and he grabbed her out all wet and naked, and carried her to their bedroom and fucked her real good.  She made a lot of noise that time, she told me after she was rubbed raw inside from me, it was a good thing her husband has a smaller dick than me or she would have screamed the house down she was so raw inside.

I stayed there a while after that and I often fucked her till she was too sore to walk, and I never used a condom, I loved the feeling of really using another mans wife, knowing I was cumming in her womb and she was too hooked on me to stop me was the biggest rush.

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