She’s My baby 1

Hi.  My true story happened a few years ago when my wifes daughter, Sarah (not her real name of course ) but she got married and found out her husband was cheating and she filed for divorce and then found out she was pregnant.  She was 21 at the time.  I always had the hots for her, she had very full and firm breasts, when she was just 14 they were 38c, that was when she and her Mom moved in with me.  She would run around the house in less than nothing and she teased me by telling me I could have her when she was old enough to be legal.

Well, she moved into a one bedroom house we had, not far from our house and my wife was at work one night when my daughters ex decided to harrass her and I called the cops and went over to kick his ass with a ball bat but the cops told me no so they just took care of the ex and I went on into the house to comfort my step daughter.  She asked me if I could stick around while she showered, she was still scared and I said sure and I went outside to spy on her, she was about six months along and starting to show, her breasts were just magnificent with huge nipples and her pubic hair was thick and my dick was so hard as I watched her shower.  When she was about through I hurried back to the bedroom to see if she needed anything and she had on the towel and that was all, she finished drying off and asked me to rub her back for her as she climbed into the bed, naked.  I sat behind her and rubbed her neck and shoulders and back as she was lying on her left side away from me and she murmured, “Get naked and cuddle up to my ass. ”

I didn’t need a second invitation and soon my little cock was probing her asshole and she told me in no uncertain terms that she had wanted me to screw her in the ass for a long time, she had seen me do it to her Mom and her Mom told her how good it was.  She had some vaseline in the bathroom and I got it and hurried back to bed and put a bunch on my dickhead and on her asshole and my little cock, well, it is about five inches long and pretty thin, I used to want a big one but I found out I have a ton of fun with my little one…….  And she moaned softly as I slid all the way into her asshole and she told me she came which pleased me.  I continued screwing her and she was cumming now and then and I was reaching around to fondle her tits and nipples and her clit and she told me she wanted me to cum in her asshole which I did.  She told me if felt so good to feel my cum, it was hot and made her cum one more time.  We continued to screw until the ninth month, she had the baby, a boy, a beautiful boy and after six weeks, we started screwing again and after thirteen years we still screw when we get the chance, especially in the butt.  Thanks for reading my true story.  Oh yes, we finally told her mom and she has joined us, I should write about those times too, maybe I will.

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  1. kestrel10 Feb 10,2012 8:45 pm

    Lucky you, wanted to screw mine for years now

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