Workplace Delights

Today I jacked off in front of my office manager again. Tami was teasing me and I told her to stop unless she wanted me to make a mess on her again. She stood up and pulled me into the back of the office and unbuttoned her top, and took off her bra, and told me to jack off on her tits. I couldn’t resist so I pulled out my cock and stood in front of her fondling myself as she encouraged me and played with her tits.

She pushed one tit up and licked the nipple and told me to rub my dick on her tits. I rubbed the head of my dick on her tits and smeared precum on her nipples. I kept stroking myself and every now and then rubbed my cock on her until her tits were covered with my precum. Tami pushed her left tit up and licked up some of my precum. Then she surprised me by standing up and pulling off her panties.

She sat down and started masturbating with me. She told me I couldn’t fuck her but we could get each other off. I couldn’t take it and I told her I was about to cum, so she told me to move forward and when I did, she leaned forward and took me into her mouth. I came as she rolled her tongue around the head of my cock. She sat back and she let my cum ooze out of her mouth on to her chin and it dripped onto her tits. Tami told me to lick my cum off her face and tits to clean her up. I did and we french kissed to share my cum.

Tami kept masturbating and came while we were kissing. She stuck her fingers up to my face and let me lick them clean. Then she told me to get my face into her pussy and get her off again.  I could hardly believe this, since i’ve wanted to eat her for years. I dropped down and went to work on her, licking up and down her slit before getting to her clit. I licked her speed bump for a bit and then stuck my tongue up her as far as I could before concentrating on her clit. Tami came pretty quickly and told me to keep going. I kept licking and she had another orgasm, this time a good splash of pussy juice let go onto my face. I swallowed down what I got in my mouth and licked all over her pubic mound to get the rest. We were both cum covered mess. Tami kissed and licked my face to get her own juice and took out a handi wipe pack from her pocket and finished cleaning herself off. She handed me another one and I wiped myself clean.

We got dressed and went back to work. A bit later I got horny again thinking about what we did. I went over to her desk while she was on the phone with Lisa, one of her friends. I pulled out my cock again and sat on her desk in front of her. Tami grinned up at me and she played with my cock while she talked on the phone to lisa. When I came she kept stroking me and got cum all over her hand and my cock. She gave me a quick suck and then we took turns licking my cum up from her hand. All while she was still on the phone. Wow, I can only hope this happens again. Makes going to work so much more fun.

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