While The Boss Is Away

I am 22 and this happened last week.  I work doing data entry and somescreterial duties.  Well one of my co-workers is very fine and we would always do a little idle flirting.  Well, I decided to stay late one night cause’ I fell behind on all my work and just as I thought I was alone “Michael” tapped my shoulder I jumped like 10 ft.  We both laughed about it and made idle chat.  Soon we were flirting a little more boldly.  I was so turned on my him, he is beautiful.  And I knew he was turned on by me cuz he kept giving me that look and biting his lips and licking them we walked around the office to see if anyone was there.  Luckily we were all alone and I knew that if we didn’t have sex that night then we were definatley going to be some time soon.  After even more flirting and complaining I mentioned how bad my back hurt, which was true, I am a dd and it gives me lots of back problems to my surprise he told me he was really good at rubbing backs and took off my blazer and started rubbing my back. I had on a tank shirt under my blazer and an almost sheer bra so guess what he could see.

I closed my eyes savoring his large strong hands and I felt his lips inch closer to my ear his breathe ragged and his voice husky ” Does that feel better?  ” he asked.

I lifted my chin exposing my long neck and said ” Yea, but I could feel better”

In repsonse he growled an “Ohhhhh” and whipped me around and kissed me.  First slow and sweet, and then it snowballed into a deep passionate lust filled kiss in which both our lips melded together in fire.  He swept his diesel arm around the small of my back, picked me up and welded my body to his I could feel his member grow and start to poke into my tummy.

Then his large iron like hands went up my shirt and massaged my stomach, before sweeping up over my head, gliding my shirt and bra with it.  Well I had to return the favor.  Soon we were entirely nude and standing there just savoring each others bodys!

I felt his velvet tounge glide down my neck and over my nipple, flicking it and then sucking it, oh did that feel great.  I pulled him off of me, laughed, and told him to follow me which he willingly did.

I walked seductively straight to our bosses office, where I procceeded to sit him in the big boss chair as I sat on his desk.  I crossed my legs and asked him if he would onsider giving me a raise if I gave him one! He said that would depend on how good a raise I could give him!

I then spread my legs and began to tease my clit, his eyed just lit up then I started to masterbate in front of him and it was so good I felt so naughty and I was really wet and turned on. I had never been this brazen before.

Suddenly he grabbed my wrists and pulled me down so I couId jack him off and I did for a while, before sucking his head, watching his squirm as I took him deeper into my waiting and eager mouth. After a while, he pulled me back up onto the desk and before I could say anything he was eating me out. The feeling was incredible, the best darn licking I had ever had and I never watned him to stop. But stop he did.

He pulled my hips forward him and thrust into me.  His dick was about 9 inches and real thick and I felt so filled he was incredible he played with my tits and sucked on my nipples and even teased my clit.  He knew exactly what to do and he was incredible.  The orgasm was so good a tear rolled down my cheek it was so intense I thought I would pass out. After I caught my breath I couldn’t stop laughing and he asked me what I was laughing at and I told him he’d given me the best masage I’d ever had.

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