Kinky Tits

I am a legal secretary working in London.  My boss is obsessed with breasts and in fact I believe he only hired me because of my big tits (34dd  ) .  After I had been working with him for about 3 weeks during which time he barely ever looking me in the eyes when talking to me, he asked me to work late to complete a client deposition.  He came into my office and was just standing me watching me so I asked what he wanted.  He explained that a couple of the other partners were not happy with my appointment.  Apparently, they did not think that their clients would feel comfortable dealing with a black woman.  However, he said he thought he could pursuade them to keep me on.  I kept silent, but I can not tell you how much I needed this job.  By now he was standing so close to me I could feel his hard cock pressing into my shoulder.  I rolled my chair forward, but he swung my chair round and knelt in front of me.

“Don’t worry,” he said, “I know I can pursude them to let you stay. ” I still tried to move away, but he gripped the arms of he chair.  “Your work is very good, I could even get you a raise.  Perhaps. ”

He pulled my chair closer to him, his eyes learing at my breasts safely hidden in my black sweater.  In a smooth movement he let go of the arms of the chair and put his hands on my tits.

“Mr…..  ” I began and tried to get up.

“Sit down!  ” he insisted and started to casually rub my tits all the while making a little sound in his throat like a contented cat.  “no dont worry” he said lifting my sweater and pulling down my bra.  His top lip was sweating as he licked his dry lips.  He pinched and mauled my tits and nipples then sucked them covering them with his warm saliver.  He took a large white hankie from his pocket and wanked into it while sucking my tits harder and harder; biting them making me yelp in pain.  When he had finished and cleaned himself up he told me to complete the document with my tits out and sat watching me, touching me, pulling on my nipples while I typed.  S

ince then every day he takes every opportunity to grope my tits and arse.  He follows me into the smoking room locks the door and sucks my tits while I smoke.  He stands behind me while I am at the photocopier rubbing himself on me.  He wants to come all over my tits, but I have said no, but I will probably have to let him soon.  It’s so kinky.  I love it.

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