The Bosses Wife

I recently had sex with my bosses wife.  Here is the twist though, she is 57.  I know some of you reading this think its sick and I would be with you.  But it was one of the best fucks I’ve had.  It started like this.

My boss had gone out of town to a meeting, leaving his wife to run the store.  During the past few months I’ve noticed her doing strait legged bends and other things to get my attention.  I tried everytime not to look but, being a man I did.  She has a very nice ass for a 57 yr old, I’ll admit that.  This day she asked me to help close down the store and keep her company since she would be hte only one there after closing.  Well 6:00 came and we locked up the store and started counting money.  Once the money was counted we sat and talked about store realted things.  She then went over to the filing cabinet to get something, doing so she did her strait legged bend.  I jokingly told her if she kept doing that in front of me I’d have to do something about it.  She turned around with a smile and came over to me and kissed me on hte lips.

At first I was hesitant, but seconds later, I was kissing her passionatly and sucking her tounge.  I grabbed her and laid her on the floor and started running my hands over her body as we kissed.  I then unbuttoned her jeans and stuck a hand in her panties searching for her pussy.  Upon feeling her wet hole I inserted 2 fingers and rubbed her clit with my thumb.  She was moaning with pleasure.  I then took her shirt and bra off to see her tits.  For a 57 yr old they were very perky.  I sucked each nipple in my mouth and bit down.  She could feel my bulge against her leg and told me to role over.  She then took my shirt off nad unbuttoned my fly.  My hard cock sprang out at her and she gasped in awe at the size.  She then began to lick my shaft top to bottom and vise versa.  She then took all 7″ in her mouth and began to suck me.  She brought me close to cumming a couple times and then I shot a fat ass nut in her mouth.  She drank the whole thing down like a trooper.  I kissed her and told her it was her turn.

I took her jeans and panties off and kissed her from her mouth to her iner thighs.  I then went to her well aged hole.  I licked and nibbled on her cunt for a while bringing her close to the edge like she had done to me then the rush hit her.  She gushed all over my mouth and I drank every drop.  We laid there kissing and fondeling eachother as we talked about what just happened.  I told her that we should do it more.  She said her husband was impotent and she hasn’t had sex in months.  I was getting hard again and told her I had to fuck her because of all the teasing she has done to me over the months.  I picked up her legs and threw them over my shoulders.  I slowly started placing my cock in her.  She was moaning with pleasure as I slid in her.  I fucked her hard and she was cumming within minutes.  I would say she came 6 times, then I told her I wanted to do her doggy style.  She got on all fours and I entered her form behind.  I was fucking her and playing with her tits with one hand while the other was rubbing her clit.  She was gushing fluid all over my prick.  I then told her I was going to stick it in her ass.  She said she’s never tried it but was ready.  I slid my cock in her tight ass hole and started to pound away, while I inserted 3 fingers in her cunt.  After a few minutes of ass fucking I told her to roll over.  I then entered her wet hole again.  This time I was fuck her at a very fast pase.  We both came at the same time.  With me shooting another big load in her cunt.  We fucked two more times that night in the office of the store, once in one of the aisles, and once in the warehouse where I pounded her over some boxes.  Like I said she is one of the best fucks I have had.  We still have fun like this twice a month when her husband (my boss  ) goes out of town.

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