Office Fun!

I had been flirting with one of the women in my office for a couple of years.  She is a beautiful married woman several years older.  We had went to lunch many times with nothing ever happening other than me have a very difficult time concentrating the rest of the afternoon until the advent of internal office email.  Suddenly we could talk privately, for extended periods of time allowing conversation to develop into deeper and more private areas.  While I had made it obvious I found her attractive, she had always remained appreciative but reserved.

Then one day the conversation took a turn.  Though not a large office, I had only caught glimpses of her (enough to know she was wearing a skirt and sweater) over the morning.  She had told me she was wearing stockings and matching thong under the calf length skirt.  I enjoyed the mental picture but was skeptical until the lunchtime staff meeting.  We sat side by side during the meeting.  Once the chit chat stopped and the staff meeting began (drawing everyone’s attention) my mental picture was reinforced with the sight of the top of her stocking visible through the high slit in her skirt.  It was a good thing I was sitting down at a table!  The sight of her bare leg at the to of her stocking was beautiful indeed.  I was hard pressed (in more was than one!  ) to try and not make it obvious that I was looking this vision and not paying attention to the owner of the company.  The next several hours that afternoon did nothing for my concentration.  Not only was the vision of her flashing through my mind, but our conversation was decidedly more heated than usual.  In her last email to say goodbye for the day, she also confessed her arousal.

By the time I reached her office she had already left.  Although disappointed at her absence, I figured it was probably for the best.  I attempted to work for a few hours to try and make up for the time I had spent lost in daydreams.  I walked out to my truck still thinking about our conversation.  When I opened the door I was simply shocked.  There on the seat (i usually do not lock my door ) was a woman’s thong.  I don’t think I moved for at least a minute.  When I did it was to pick up her panties.  I held them to my nose, I was shocked again to find them still soaking wet a couple hours later!  I had to hold still for several more minutes to avoid losing it right there.  What the future holds… I do not know

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