Prostituted…I’m a Whore

I always had a desire to be a hooker, or at least be paid for sex. I’ve had this fantasy since I was like 13 or 14. The thought of being paid to have sex was such a turn on – probably because its taboo or something. I moved away to college and had boyfriends and plenty of sex partners – male and female. Not to sound too arrogant or whatever, but it helps that I am very cute and maintain an excellent body/physique.

It was around my junior year of college, when I decided to act on my fantasy. I let a guy friend that I was seeing for sex regularly take erotic pictures of me. He thought this was solely for his enjoyment, but the real purpose was so I could use them in my escort ad. I posted my ad and told myself that I would only do it a few times and I would be very picky on who I service. Within an hour of my listing, my phone blew up with guys wanting to see me for sex.

I decided to meet the first stranger for sex. He seemed normal and didnt come across as a creep. I told friends that I was heading to the library to study. Instead I packed my backpack with my outfit. I got to his house and my heart was beating so hard. Am I really doing this? Yes I am. He opens the door and I meet an older guy. Decent looks. Seems nice. I ask him if I can change. He leads me by the hand to a bedroom and I change into a very cute outfit with heels. I walk out and I’m really nervous. He asks if I wanted anything to drink or anything else. I ask for a glass of wine. I sit back and we begin to talk about each other and I ask what he would like to do. He said he just wanted a blowjob since his wife was out of town.

I put the glass down get on my knees and take out his cock and begin to suck him. I’m sucking his cock for about 10-15 minutes, when I asked him if he wants to fuck me. He asked how much that will cost. And I tell him its included. We previously agreed on $100 which he had already given me. I’m not doing this for the $. Just wanted to be a whore and a prostitute. He leads me to the same bedroom I changed in, and asked me to lean over the bed. I do as he asked. He gets on his knees and eats my pussy from behind. Not bad, but I’ve had other guys go down on my better.

But, I’m sufficiently wet enough for him. He puts a condom on his cock, and begins fucking me. At some point I said, fuck me like a whore. He begins fucking me harder until I climax. About 5 minutes later, he cums too. We lie there and I’m sort of shocked that I went through this. I’ve fucked strangers before, but this was different – a lot different. I changed and told him to call if he wants to pay me for sex again.

I get back to my roommates that I was out. And thats that. I take my ad down for a few days. But I decide I want to do it again. And during the last 2 years of college, I probably was paid for sex by close to 50 different guys. I never cared about the $. I just wanted to live out a fantasy of being a prostitute and letting guys use me.


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