My pervy gay neighbor – My first time 1

I was about 19 and taking care of a house next door. The husband that lived there was 50-ish and often stayed to work while the wife was on vacation. I went inside to feed the cat one day and he came down the stairs in a bath robe – he looked like he just got out of bed.
I kept on feeding the cat, and he came closer and opened his robe to show me a mostly hard cock. He said “suck on this.” Before I could move, he put a hand on my head and pulled me in to his cock. I put my mouth on his shaft and started to suck. I was not too good at it then, so I just did what I saw women do in porn clips. I started to like it and my dick started to get hard.
After about 15 seconds, he started to moan and thrust his hips. He got fully hard and started to cum. I was kind of scared at the jizz shooting out of his cock, and just spit the cum out and he spewed the rest on the floor. It was warm, creamy thick cum. I know now but did not know then that this meant he had a full tank and hadn’t cum in awhile. My dick was fully hard and I was a little wet with pre-cum.
He said thank you and see you tomorrow. It was kind of awkward. I was kind of ashamed, ashamed too that I enjoyed it. I washed up and went home.
The next day I was over there again, and was ready and willing and curious. He was thereand opened his pants when he saw me. I knew what to do this time. He sat down and I sank my face into his crotch. I started sucking as his shaft got harder and harder. I bobbed my head and held his balls like I saw in pornos. He moaned and bucked his hips – but I held on and kept sucking. I liked it, and I liked pleasing him. After about 3 minutes he started cumming. I think he wanted me to swallow his cum, but I didn’t. He grabbed his shaft and finished shooting the jizz on the floor. That was the first time I had seen a man’s cock up close. I had never seen so much cum.
About a month later, I saw him again – same thing, I fed the cat while the wife was vacationing at their lake home. As he was taking his pants off, he said to take mine off too. This was a new thing for me, and exciting. I had never shown anyone my hardening cock before.
He had a big hairy cock and mine was much smaller, with a little hair starting. He bent down and started sucking me and cradling my balls. I had never felt like this before – it was my first blow job. I started rocking my hips and moaning. I started cumming pretty fast, and he jammed my whole cock and balls in his mouth and down his throat. I blew hard and long, and he swallowed it all. It felt awesome. He kept sucking me through all the after-pumps for about 5 minutes. I looked down at his cock and he had cum too – jerking it with the other hand.
A few weeks later, his wife was gone again and we graduated to the bedroom. I felt more at ease with him as we took off our clothes. He laid on the bed and I got on top – rubbing our cocks together. His was bigger and hairier, but he really liked seeing my little dick get hard. I liked spreading my legs and humping him. He loved it. I stroked his cock also. Having sex with a willing and curious young boy thrilled him. I could tell he wanted to fuck me as he kept moving his cock to my asshole. I let him put it in a little, but it hurt so I got off of him. I reached over and stroked his big meatstick over and over until he came. The cum geysered out – I thought it was so neat. He then grabbed my cock and swallowed my cum again. He said he’d bring some stuff next time to make it easier so it would not hurt as much. I said ok.
Awhile later, I went over when I knew he was there. He was in his robe again, and we went up to the bedroom. As I was taking my jeans off, he took off his robe to reveal a full boner. I had a bulge in my underwear. He liked to take off my undies, so I let him.
He stroked my boner a few times, then told me to get on the bed on my back. He spread my legs and knelt down by my ass. He reached over to the nightstand and grabbed a rubber and some Vaseline. He put the rubber on and greased up his dick. He spread my legs and stuck his dick up my asshole a little. It hurt some, but I liked the full feeling of him inside me. He stuck it in slow — maybe an inch or two and started pumping me. He was grunting and grinding as we moved together. I really enjoyed it. This was the first time I had ever been fucked. I loved being along for the ride, and I loved pleasing him. I was nervous but not really scared. He pumped my ass for awhile and lasted about 3 minutes – then pulled out, whipped off the condom, and blew his load all over my little dick. He then slumped over and took my whole dick and balls in his mouth and sucked until I came good. He ate my cum and his at the same time. I didn’t understand at the time – I thought all guys swallowed.

We did not get together again for a few months. I masturbated every day – jerking off to women and men. I enjoyed them both. I even sucked and humped a few neighborhood dogs.I just could not get enough. I was horny all the time. My regular target for jerking off was a pillow. I had cumstains all over that thing. I could also eat my own cum, which was a big turn on. I began jamming my fingers and later other stuff up my ass. In addition to being a very hot thing to do, it got my ass used to getting fucked. I figured my neighbor would want to fuck me next time we were together. So, I wanted to be ready.
I talked to him again in a few months, and he said he would get a hotel room for us. He knew he had to be careful about having sex with an underage boy. But I think his sexual urge to fuck a boy overrode that.
We drove to a hotel and he got a room. I slipped in the door later to avoid suspicion. Once there, he locked the door and went wild. He sat on the bed in his underwear and I started sucking his cock. Once he got hard, he stopped me. He pulled off my underwear to reveal my engorged little cock, then he showed me how to do the 69. I loved it. He stopped before we got too into it. He then had me lie on my back. He put on a condom and greased it up. He squatted down near my ass and lifted my legs above his shoulders. He then directed his cock to my asshole and slowly started putting it in. I was ready this time. I had felt this feeling before and my ass was ready. He got it about 3 inches in and rotated his body forward so he was on top of me. Ordinarily, this would have scared me, but I was ready for it and comfortable with him. He really started moving on me – gyrating and grunting as he pounded me. His cock went deeper than I had been practicing for, but it felt really good.Once you get past the sphincter muscles, it is not unpleasant. He pounded me for a few minutes, then came hard in the condom. I couldn’t feel his jizz in me, but the heavy breathing and the guttural grunting noises he made had made up for it. It was thrilling to have an older man with a bigger cock blow his load in my ass. I would learn later how great warm jizz would feel deep in my ass when we barebacked months later.
After about a half hour of recovery time, he taught me doggie style. Once he got us both greased up and hard, he flipped me over and did me from the back with me on all fours. It took some getting used to — as his shaft has a curve in it, but I got to where I enjoyed him ramming my ass that way. I was surprised how long he could fuck without cumming. Hemust have pounded me for 10 minutes, then stopped to rest, than jammed it back in and fucked me for another 15 — then ejaculated for what seemed like forever.
This day in the hotel was also the first time I swallowed his cum. He was fucking me on my back when he pulled out and stuck his cock in my face. I think he was ready to blow cum on my face, but I grabbed his shaft and stuck it in my mouth. He blew hot cum in my mouth and I swallowed it. I think he was surprised, but I was into it. I sucked it for about tenminutes through all the after-pumps that go with cumming. His cum was salty, but I liked eating it. He was exhausted after this.
We got together a few more times for some quickies and my first bareback. My training at giving good blow jobs paid off after a few short visits to his office also. Also, taking it doggie style was good forquickies we had when time was tight.
My proficiency at blow jobs also paid off when I ate pussy the first few times. I enjoyed fucking girls and all that, but I really enjoy sucking and taking big cocks. I like ‘em both.
Unlike some men that are mean and don’t care if it hurts the boy, he was gentle as he instructed me. I was scared at first because it was new and I knew it was taboo. But after awhile, it got easier and I looked forward to it. I know he really enjoyed it.
One time we got together and were doing 69, he said for me to get on top and stick it in. I had never fucked a guy before. His ass had hair, but he kept it trim. Still, though, even though we had been together many times, the thought of me fucking him was intimidating.He held his legs apart so his hole was right there. I added some Vaseline to my full but small boner and slowly entered his ass. He let out a breath and a sigh. I went slowly as he did with me at first – then faster. I got on top of him and started thrusting it in. He grunted and groaned and sort of yelled “oh yeah, fuck me harder.” I pounded him as hard and as long as I could. I had no condom on because my cock had not grown to full size, so I felt everything. It was awesome ramming my dick into him. As I was about to blow, he grabbed my ass and pressed it in and said “cum in me.” I shot my load in him as deep as I could. I stayed in him for a few minutes afterward, as there were many after-pumps and thrusts as I was coming down. I did not pull my dick out until he told me to. That was my first fuck as a top.
I had to fake it around other guys. I liked girls, but I really loved sitting astride on top of him stroking his huge hairy cock. It was a secret I had to keep. He moved away the next year, so we could not get together anymore. But I really got a good education right at the right time when my hormones were going crazy. I have been fucked and I screwed a lot of guys over the years – young and old, black and white – but the first time I saw a big hairy cock and had sex with an older man, it was one of the best and most exciting – times that I will always remember

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