My first taste of pussy

I was early in the morning as our baby  disturbed in his room I went to attend to him and left the bedroom door slightly open for light As I quietly returned through the crack in the door saw my young wife squatting on the chamber pot  with her night dress up to her waist revealing her sweet young pussy squirting pee into the pot  In those days we had outside toilets  What a turn on my  cock hardened up and my balls tightened as they filled with cum I let her finish and walked in the room I could smell the aroma  of fresh pee and suggested I go and empty it for her

I walked outside with pot cradled in my hands and could feel the warmth of the pee and smell it as I walked slowly down the back yard to the toilet  I sat on the toilet seat with the pot of girl pee on my lap and could feel the warmth of it against my hard cock I emptied it and returned to the bedroom  where my young wife was lying on the bed with her thighs slightly apart  [ she never wore panties to  bed] I leaned of and parted her thighs and asked ” Can I kiss you down there” To my surprise she replied ” I f you like to”  I buried my face in her pussy sniffing and  licking and sucking her clit and lips and made her love juices flow  They tasted so good I smelled and taste so tangy yet a little salty   Boy did I fuck her that morning She wrapped her legs around my back and puled me into her  I gave her my load so deep  I know we both has a great time

From then on I have had a thing about sucking and  licking clit an lips and seeing women pee

Question to the forum    Am I wrong

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