Wife’s sister

OK so this is something that’s had been happening for over an year now. But what happened last week blew my mind off. Don’t have anyone to tell the same so i am writing it down over here. Sorry in advance it’s not a fantasy story but a real one.

A year ago her sister moved in with us as she had to work here only. Now I always liked her as she is really very pretty. But the way she used to dress and roam around the house made me horny for her. She would wear short shorts showing her round perky ass or a high rise nighty showing off her white sexy thighs. I just started fantasizing about her while fucking my wife.

My wife goes to office early in the morning everyday. That day something big happened. I woke up a little early from my standard and found my wife off to work. I walked out of the room and found her sister taking a bath in the bathroom. By the way we have a common bathroom. The bathroom door has hole near its bottom so i dared and peeked through it. What i saw was fantastic. I would always remember that. She was bending over to pick something up from floor and i could clearly see her asshole and pink pussy. I was terrified but just could not stop watching. That day i masturbated then and there watching her taking a bath. Almost every day i would watch her having the bath and masturbate to her naked ass and pink pussy.


With time i realized the curtains in her room are thin enough for me to see her at night but because of darkness she cant see the other side of window. She would come late at night from work and undress herself completely to get in her night gown. Sometimes she would kneel down exposing her entire butthole. I never wanked outside to her but one night it happened. I got up late at night. I had a boner and was not able to sleep. I walked out to her window and found her legs spread and fingers on pussy while watching something on her laptop. I just could not control. She was sometimes opening her vagina using her 2 fingers so wide i just felt i can fist her. I masturbated to her in the open that night. I imagined it was masturbation but it was not. She was slowly massaging her pussy making it wet but it never got intense. The show went on for 2 hours or so. I masturbated 3 times while looking at her pussy and erect nipples.


After that all i wanted to see was some action. I wanted to fuck her or at least see her getting fucked. But no luck. I would see her every night before sleep and during bath but she was doing nothing naughty with herself. I just assumed she is a calm kind of girl. Although she never looked like one as she was loud and wear such horny clothes.

But i remember last week Wednesday i finally saw her doing something big. As usual she went to have a bath and i was ready with my dick in my hand to  masturbate to her. When i peeked she was standing legs apart watching something in her pussy .I saw her putting a finger inside it and taking out then she used two fingers to get inside her pussy. It was really horny .Then i saw it. She was having a vibrator. She switched it on and put it on her pussy. Then she started enjoying herself. The vibrator was quite thick and was vibrating really rapidly. She never screamed but then she started moving rapidly to start the water tap i guess to subside the vibrator sound. And when she lean over to start the water i saw that she was having something in her butt hole. After switching on the water the show started.

She took her time, a lot of it.And i enjoyed it to fullest. While she was using the vibrator slowly on her pussy i could see it disappearing and after sometime it was in her pussy. The entire fucking vibrator in her pussy. While holding it in there with one hand she reached to her butt hole and start pulling out something and then i realized they were butt balls. Just seeing her doing that made me come. But i stayed to watch. I always wanted to see this. Then slowly she took the entire butt string out and started licking it .I understood that she is butt lady hence explains her big butt. Then she started it. The vibrator never moved an inch and she just kept it inside her pussy but whatever she did she did with her butt. She leaned over the sink and now the sink was supporting the vibrator in her pussy. With both her hands free now she could do anything. I just felt i was so lucky that she leant over the sink, now i got the full view off her butthole. First she inserted two of her fingers inside her butt and started pushing them real hard. Seeing that i got hard on. Now she would lick her fingers. Now she just looked around and took whatever she got first. There was brush kept with a long handle for washing clothes. She took the handle and inserted in her butt.I almost came to this. But then next what she did was amazing. She took hold off her vibrator and with the brush in her butt she wiggled her butt a little bit. Maybe it was pleasuring her and then she hold the brush and started striking her butt with it. The handle gets thicker and thicker near the end and the depth she could reach with that brush was amazing. After stroking real hard for few time i saw that she started sitting and then she sat on the brush i just came to that scene. She then started moving such that more and more portion went inside her butt then holding that still she took the vibrator and started fucking herself and then she squirted like crazy. It was amazing the squirt went all over her clothes that she removed and kept there besides her. I could see her loosing her balance but then she slowly pulled the brush and the vibrator out. She washed them and started bathing.That day when she was gone to office i took her clothes from washing area and start licking her squirt from her clothes i even licked the brush she used but the clothes were so amazing i masturbated to her smell.

There are many more instances that happened between me and her butt this was the major one. Now all i wish is to fuck her and someday that will happen.

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