The Glory Hole

I’m not sure where I should be submitting this, since it’s really more of a gay experience.  I guess I would qualify as a bisexual since I do have strong desires for men, particularly sucking cock and having my cock sucked.  But my predominant desire is still for women.  Nonetheless.  .  .

Some years ago, when I was more naive than I am now, I entered a peep show, thinking I would merely beat off to a video.  I went into one of the booths and inserted some tokens.  Before long I had my cock out, stroking it pretty good.  Then, to my surprise, I noticed some fingers which were coming through a hole in the wall.  I quickly surmised what was going on and stuck my 8- incher through the hole.  It was instantly gobbled up by the warm lips and mouth on the other side.  After having my rod sucked on deliciously for a while, I pulled it out, knelt down, and beckoned for some recripication.  I was rewarded with a good stiff piece of meat, which I eagerly sucked.

Thus began my experiences in the gay peep shows.  A few times I was able to get together with another guy in the same booth, and once I took a guy to my place.  It’s been quite some time since iIve done this kind of thing, but I still have fond memories of poking my hard dick through the wall and the wonderful sensation of having it swallowed by a hungry mouth on the other side.

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