Funky Foursome

Well, this is how it all started…  Me and my best friend, we are both 18 and we decided we wanted some rough action, with two girls at he same time in the same room, I guess you could call it a foursome.  We had arranged to meet these two very pretty girls that were up for anything sexual.  We met them at a local hotel.  When we got in the room we all started to fool around and get naked.  After seeing each others naked bodies we were obviously getting turned on.  Me and my friend wanted to fuck these girls like they have never been fucked before.  First we wanted to see the girls kiss.

They said that they would but only if we did first, so after some encouragement me and my friend kissed each other, we didn’t mind as we knew what was to come.  The girls started to kiss and got slightly carried away as they were touching each others bodies all over.  Then they came to a stop and said if we wanted more then me and my friend would have to get it on for them.  I started to kiss my friend full on the mouth and shoved my tounge into his mouth, then he grabbed my cock to feel how hard it was and started to toss it off, I did the same to him and we couldn’t keep our hands off each other.

By now the girls were on the floor giving each other oral and fingering each others pussies in the 69 position.  Me and my friend decided to make a start and fuck the girls each taking one and then swapping around so that everyone got to fuck each other.  The first girl was sucking on my cock, she looked shockingly like Jordan and had the tits to match, whilst my friend was fucking the other girl’s pussy and her cum was running down her legs.  I started to fuck my girl.  We decided to give them a bit of double penetration I was fucking the girls up the arse and my friend was fucking the girls in the pussy, then we alternated and did them vice versa.  At one point we even had our two cocks touching and both up one girls pussy, she was screaming with pleasure and wouldn’t stop cumming.  After a while of everlasting sex, we started to wonder where our ‘same sex’ moment had gone, me and my friend guided each other over to the bed and I lay him down and started to suck on his big cock, he then did the same to me and before long we were fucking each other up the arse.  He came in my arse and I sucked his cock dry, then I came up his arse and all three of them sucked my cock dry.  This was the best ever day!  I hope it will happen again soon, me and my friend still get together and fuck each other sometimes just to relive the moment, nothing fancy or anything just pure fucking and cum everywhere!!!

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