Just Good Friends

When I was 18 I had a little house to myself.  I had a friend named Tim that I hung out with.  We did everything together.  We were always trying to pick up girls and shit like that.  I never really noticed at first that I had a thing for him.  I just thought that he was a really good friend.  We went driving around one night looking for shit to do, he told me that he was really horny and that he needed some pussy.  We went over to Kim’s house.  We had both grown up with her.  Her mom answered the door (fuckin fine ass woman) and we asked for Kim, she said that she wasn’t home but we could wait for her.  So we did.  Tim said that he would love to fuck Kim’s mom.  I said no shit, me too.  Then she walked into the room and asked what we had said.  Blushing we said nothing.

Then Kim walked in the door.  She asked us to go into her room so we could sit and bullshit in peace.  We started to talk about old times and different shit like that.  Tim and I started to fuck with her and said that she wouldnt show us her tits.  She said ok but you two have to show me your dicks.  We both looked at each other and said hell no.  Then I guess you don’t want to see my tits.  If Im going to show you my dick I want to see some pussy.  And Tim was like hell yea, show me your pussy.  Dicks first she said.  So we both kind of shyed away from it.  Then Tim started to undo his pants.  He told me come on man show her your shit.  I was like all of this just to see her pussy.  Kim said I will even play with it.  So I started to undo my pants and I looked over and Tim’s pants were around his ankles.  He was standing there with his half limp 7 inch dick wipping in the wind.  I was supprised to see he had a nice looking cock.  Kim said come on you next.  So I pulled my pants down and wipped out my 7and a half inch dick.  She said now what do I do with this.  Come and show us your pussy.  So she stood up and started to take off her clothes real slow.  She turned her back were we couldnt see anything.  She got completely naked and then jumped into her bed real quick.  What the fuck is that.  She told tim to come over and lay down beside her so he started to hobble over with his pants around his ankles.

Then she finaly stood up and took his pants off with him half on the bed and half off.  His back was on the bed and his feet were on the floor.  She bent down and started to suck his almost hard dick.  I started to take off all my clothes and started to fuck her from behind.  Tim started to moan then she started to moan.  Man I was in heaven.  I started to wear her pussy out.  She screamed harder….  Harder….  So I started to fuck the shit out of her.  I couldnt take no more.  I pulled out and was fixing to cum when I felt someone rubbing my balls.  I looked over Kim’s back at Tim and he was smiling at me.  Then I knew who was rubbing my balls.  So I stopped before I came and they started kissing.

She laid on top of him while they were kissing and tim started to stroke my raging hardon..  Then I couldn’t take anymore.  I nutted all over her back and all on Tim’s arm.  Then I just sit down and watch them to finish fucking each other.  We got up and went into her bathroom in her bedroom and all three got in the shower.  She was swandwiched between Tim and I.  She looked at me and asked if that was fun.  Hell yea.  She started to soap up Tim and me.  She started with Tim’s pretty prick.  I couldn’t help but just stare at it.  It started to turn me on.  He noticed that I was looking at it and that I was getting hard.  I looked up and he just smiled.  I started to blush.  I got out of the shower and got dressed.  I went and sat down on the bed an waited for them to finish.

Tim came out with a towel wrapped around him with his half hard dick bulging in the front.  Are you ready to go?  Yea lets get out of here.  On the ride home all he could talk about is how he had never done that before.  Me neither.  It was cool though.  Yea it was cool.  We got back to my place and I asked if he was going to crash here tonight.  Yea I will sleep on the couch.  He reached over and got the blanket out from behind the chair.  Then he started to get undressed.  I just watch from the corner of my eye.  Trying to watch tv.  He got down to his boxers and then sat down beside me.  That was some crazy shit tonight wasnt it.  Yea it was.  So was that your first time to fuck with another man in the room Tim said.  Yea.  But I didnt mind.  I kind of liked it.  Me too.

Then I stood up and went into the room and started to get ready for bed.  I was in my boxers.  I went and took a piss then went back to the living room and Tim was sitting there covered up wathing tv.  Sit down he said.  And he moved the covers over so I could cover up with the blanket.  We sat there for a min.  Not saying anything.  Then he asked if I wanted a smoke.  Sure.  He leaned over to get them out of his pants and I saw that he wasn’t were his boxers anymore.  I got a good view of his tight little ass.  He gave me a cig and we sat there watching tv.  I started to get tired.  Hey man Im going to bed.  No not yet.  Alright.  He grabed my hand and put it on his dick.  What are you doing.  Nothing he said.  Then he started to rub my cock.  Hey man I don’t swing like that.  He said it ok.

Then he pulled out my dick and started to suck it.  Then I started to get hard.  Holy shit that feels good.  I just sit back and let him suck away.  Man have you done this before.  No your my first.  Man that feels good.  Dont stop.  He started going faster.  I dont think my dick has ever got that hard.  I was fixing to cum.  So I pulled his head up and laid him down.  I put his dick in my mouth and started sucking it.  The whole time Im thinking I must be gay because I like this.  I started to suck it like that was the only thing I have ever wanted.  It tasted really good.  Then he told me to get on the floor.  He laid down side ways and told my to suck him while he sucked me.

We stayed on the floor for about 30min or so (shit who was counting?) I could feel his throbbing pecker in my mouth.  He took my dick out of his mouth and licked his finger and started to play with my ass hole.  Man that feels good.  He rubbed around for a min then he stuck it in my ass.  O shit!!  I have never felt anything like that.  He started rub my prostate.  Every time he moved my dick would pulse.  I said fuck Im fixing to cum!  He started to rub harder.  I blew the biggest load I have ever blown all over his face and that made him cum.  I hurried and stuck his dick back in my mouth so I could get all of his juice.  He shot load after load of warm cum into my mouth.  Oh my god that was fuckin great.  I went and got him a towel so he could wash off my cum.  We laid there for awhile holding each other.  His back to my chest.  My dick was cupped right in his butt just like it belonged there.  We both got up and turned the tv. off and went to bed.  But we didnt go to sleep……..

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