The Bi Foursome

My wife, Linda and I are 26 years old and have been married for 3 years.  About a year ago, she told me she had been fantasizing about having another couple join us in bed.  The thought sounded horny to me, so we decided to explore it.  To my surprise, she told me she already mentioned it to her girlfriend, Joan, and that Joan was very anxious, her husband, Bob also thought he would enjoy it.

We arranged for dinner on a Saturday nite, at about 8pm all of us went to our bedroom.  Linda and Joan immediately got naked and started kissing and masturbating each other.  Bob and I got undressed and watched as our wives got into a 69 position.  He and I got very turned on and jerked off while watching.  After Linda and Joan came twice, my cock was so hard it started to hurt.

Both of our wives then confessed they had been talking about this for quite awhile, and now really wanted to watch Bob and I touch and suck each other.  I had never even thought about having sex with another man, and was thinking that to myself, when Bob reached to me and grabbed my cock.  We both got in bed and while our wives watched, proceeded to suck on each other.  Both of us lasted about two minutes and started to cum.  I was so turned on, as we both swallowed each others cum.  In the last year, the four of us have got together about 6 times.  But Bob and I have been together more than 20 times.  I love the way he sucks me off, and really love sucking his cock.

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