Video Booth Revelations

Once in a while I like to go into the local adult bookstore, which also has video booths.  The best part about the booths is there aren’t any doors, just open doorways with video screens to one side, like a 3-walled room.  After filling the video machine with money, I start jerking off.  It doesn’t take long before I’ll get an offer for a handjob, or blowjob.  It’s a darker place, but in the afternoon, sunlight seeps in and the place lights up a bit.  Last time I went was the afternoon, so it was pretty lit up.  A few minutes after I started jerking off, I drop my shorts to the floor, exposing my ass to anyone behind me.

Next thing I know I feel someone behind me.  Decent looking middle-aged guy, and he starts rubbing my ass while watching me stroke my hard-on.  He takes over for me and starts jerking me off, then he leans over and starts to suck me off.  He’s really good, and it feels so good I start to bend my legs a bit, and lean into the wall for stability.  After that he starts to finger my ass while sucking me.  Then he gets on his knees in front of me for a better angle at giving me head.  As he’s sucking me and fingering my ass, other guys start to crowd around the doorway watching us, and they start pulling their dicks out to jerk off.  I see this and grab another guy’s dick and start jerking him off, while i’m still getting blown.  As this happens, another guy starts rubbing his hard dick against and in between my ass cheeks.

It’s getting to be like an orgy in a phone booth, the place is so small, but we all have our dicks out getting blown, or giving hand jobs.  After about 20 minutes of this, the guy blowing me starts deep throating me bringing me close to cumming.  It’s so crazy that I lean over and start to blow the tall guy standing next to me, while another guy starts to put his dick in my ass, as i’m bent over blowing the guy next to me.  About 10 minutes later I start to cum in this guy’s mouth, the guy I’m blowing starts to cum, so I jerk him off, and the guy semi- fucking me is shooting his load all over the guy in front of me.

After that, I pull my shorts up, grab some tissues from my pocket (I always cum prepared ), clean up and leave.  As i’m walking out someone turns to me and says he jerked off so hard watching us, he almost passed out.  I go out to the parking lot and get followed by another watcher who wants to suck my dick.  I tell him to give me a minute, so I can at least have a smoke first.  He gets in the passenger seat and immediately pulls my shorts down and gets me dick hard, and starts sucking me off like a madman!  It only takes about 10 minutes for me to cum, and I blow another load in this guy’s mouth.  After that, i’m exhausted.  I kick him out of my car, light up a smoke, and drive home.  And to think, I almost felt guilty about calling out of work that day!

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