Handcuff Fun

I once persuaded my b/f to handcuff me and let him and his friend have their wicked way with me.  He wasn’t stuck on the idea at first, but I promised him the best fuck ever if he would bring his friend around and then playfully handcuff me.  This is how it went.

His friend arrived and me and the b/f messed around a little and he slapped the cuffs on me to stop me hitting him back.  He then said, getting more into it that I was pretty vulnerable while cuffed up and couldn’t do anything.  He started groping me and feeling my tits while I put up a token resistance.  His groping made his friend take more notice.  He then put his hand under my sweater and felt my tits as his friend watched with a lump appearing in his pants.  He then lifted my top up and groped me over my bra as his friend watched.  He asked his friend if he would help him unsnap my bra clasp as he was struggling and wresting with it.

He was happy to oblige as b/f turned his attention to my panties and ripped off my flimsy skirt.  Soon I was all naked and being teased the hell out of.  I said aren’t any of you going to do anything except just tease me.  My boyfriend said to his friend that it sounded like an offer and they both started to undress.  I had the best fucking ever with one cock after the other.  I gave my boyfriend his special treat as promised and hes threatening to handcuff me again one day and invite more friends over.  I live in hope…..

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