My Kinky Sisiter-In-Law

I have fantasied about my sister-in-law for years and have tried to tell her how much I liked her.  Last year on her birthday she came to our house to go out with my wife for her birthday.  I was home alone working in my office.  When she came into the house she was wearing a yellow sun dress that had spaghetti straps on them and it was buttoned in the front.  Seeing her I was completely turned on and decided to seduce her.  I told her how nice she looked and that I thought she was hot looking in her dress.

I put a cd in the player and asked her to dance which she did and I held her close and whispered how much I cared for her in her ears and then I kissed her and she responded to my kiss.  I picked her up and carried her into my bedroom and quickly handcuffed her wrists to the bed.  I then blindfolded her.  I unbuttoned her dress and slid it off of her and removed her bra and panties.  She strugggled and resisted me.  I then tied her legs apart and told her I wanted to eat her out.  I then ate her out for what seemed like an hour and she responded to me.  I then fucked her and she begged me to continue I was turned on to fact that she was being fucked while I had her restrained to the bed.  She said she loved being fucked while tied to the bed.  I told her that she was now my sex slave and that I would dominate her again and again in the future.  We are now into bondage on a weekly basis and my sister-in-law is a very willing participant.

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