Silky Sensations

I love wearing women’s underwear especially stockings and what we call suspenders in the UK garters to you in the US.  In fact I love more than just suspender belts, which are not constricting enough for me – I wear Basques, waspies, tight corsets, in satin, lace, leather, whatever I see that attracts my eye and feels good against my flesh and is tight fitting.  I love going to work wearing my normal street clothes on top and my very sexiest underwear and stockings underneath.

I never wear panties or anything with a crotch because the excitement is in everything hanging loose while framed by the stocking tops, suspenders and the garment surrounding my torso.  And then I wank – usually in private but sometimes in public places, but carefully, so that I can feel the silk and satin with one hand while caressing my cock with the other hand until I cum, trying hard not to get it on my wonderful silk stockings.  Of course when I meet a lady who doesn’t mind sharing my fetish then it is even better as we fuck with both our silk clad legs intertwined.

Anyone else out there who shares my love of all things silky and satiny against their flesh?

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