The Stapon

I am 51 and my girlfriend is 40.  We have been experimenting a lot and this time she mentioned that she would like to see what it what it was like to do a man in the ass with a strap on cock.  I had a fantasy for several years of a woman doing me in the ass and fucking me like I fuck them.  I wanted to see what it felt like to be really fucked.  We went to the adult book store and bought a strap on with a nine inch cock.  We decieded to go all the way and she was to treat me like a woman and I was to treat her like a man.

She slipped it on and and came out of the bedroom with shortt on.  We put on a Bi sexual dvd and started to play.  I reached inside her shorts and unzipped them and pulled out her strap on cock and proceeded to go down on it while she watched the movie.  I was able to deep throat about 8 inches of it before she said now monther fucker you ass is mine for the night.  It was then that she had me undressed and on the floor.  She put some lube in my ass and worked her fingers up in me getting me really hot and my cock really hard too.

I put some lube on her strap on cock and stroked it so it was really smooth and slippery.  She told me to lift my legs and spread them.  As I did this she put the strap on cock head against my ass and pushed it forward into my ass.  She got the cock head in first and I could feel the pain/pleasure of her entering me.  I started to relax as she pushed more of it into me.  She took my legs in her hands and spread them wide saying now mother fucker I am going to fuck your ass like you haven’t been fucked before.  I could feel myself relax with each stroke of her cock inside of me and I really enjoyed it.

The more she fucked my ass the hotter I became.  My own cock was rock hard like it hadn’t been in years.  She grabbed it in her hand and stroked it with the lube cream we had and I was so lost in pure pleasure as she did my ass.  It was then that she said turn over and wanted to take me from behind.  I could feel her ease the strap on cock in me again and backed up onto it as she plunged in deep in my male ass.  She grabbed my hips and pulled me onto her as she pounded away.  She told me to stroke my cock and cum.  It didn’t take to long either for me to cum, and she kept right on fucking my ass.

By now she was lost in the pleasure of doing me and didn’t stop even after I came.  I myself was so hot for what she was doing for me I didn’t stop her even after I came.  It was then she turned me over again so I was on my back and she took my cock in her hand and stroked me somemore as she fucked my ass hard.  She was really into it and fucked me hard till I came again in her hand and dumped a load on my stomach.  She went down and lapped every drop of cum that shot forth from my cock.  By now we were both exhausted from the many orgasmisms that we had reached.  I must say there is nothing like having a woman do you in the ass with a strap on.  So much differnt than having a man do you.  We have added that to our pleasure moments together when we are really hot.

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