My Food Fetish

It’s about mixing food and sex.  I love to put edible things into my wife’s wonderful pussy.  My favorite is canned peaches.  I will slip as many as five slices deep into her pussy then push them in with my dick.  Fucking her with her tight pussy crammed full of juicy peaches is out of this world.  After I cum she sits on my face and I eat her till she is compleatly clean.  She is able to squeeze all the squishy peach slices out and I eat them all.  Marshmallows are also excellent pussy food.  Very sticky and sweet.  Fucking a marshmallow filled pussy is realy wonderful.  And eating it afterwards is a treat and a half.  I absolutely love my wife’s pussy.  Very beautiful to look at with lovely lips and clit.  And her vagina is very tight even though she has had three nine pound babies.  She is still positively perfect.  But something about stuffing that spectacular pussy with something to eat just makes it better.

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