Best Friends

My first time was with my best friend (we will call her Sarah) and her boyfriend (we will call him Kris ) .  Well, anyway I was 13 and Sarah and I were talking about I haven’t ever had sex.  She then she offered to help me get over the nervousness by teaching me a few things with Kris.  She went and got Kris to come into her bedroom.  She told him to start kissing my neck.

I was like ok a lot of guys have done this to me before.  But I let him do it anyway.  Next, he started to suck on my tits.  I started to get really hot and felt a tingle in my pussy.  Sarah then came up to me and started licking my pussy.  Let me tell you it felt so good.  Sarah then told me to start licking and sucking krises’ dick.  His dick tasted so good!  It was really hard to control myself with her licking and sucking my pussy and every once and a while sticking a finger in me and me sucking Kris’ dick.  Then Sarah told me to roll over and get on all fours.  Kris came behind me and starting to lick my pussy while Sarah came underneath me with her face at my tits sucking them and licking them.  The next thing I knew I felt something really hard going into my pussy.  Then I realized it was Kris’ dick.  I was moaning so loud.  It hurt but then again it felt good.

Sarah then turned around and put her pussy in my face and told me to start licking it so I did.  She started to lick my pussy while Kris was fucking me.  The next thing Sarah was screaming and saying she was having an orgasm I then realized I was too!  Next was Kris.  We all laid on Sarah bed exhausted.  We did it 2 more times that night!  I was so sore the next day!

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