How I Lost My Virginity

I lost my virginity when I was a senior in High School.  I never thought I was a pretty girl, not horribly ugly but, no miss universe either.  The fact that I was thick didnt help cus all my friends were skinny.  So I was always so self-conscious about my body and well, everything about me.  Needlsess to say I was shy meeting people but once I got to know them I became myself.  When I went to a afterschool club meeting I was surprised that my biggest crush had joined the club, even more surprised that he was talking to me and even more surprised when after a couple of months of being frieds and getting to know each other he asked me out.

So we had been dating for a good 9 months.  I have had other boyfriends before but none that were this wonderful.  One day out of the blue he took out a camera and took a picture of me I was very mad because I never liked taking pictures due to my self esteem issues.  We got into a big argument I was screaming and yelling and he was just so surprised I would get this angry he then started to yell at me.  After a while I told him I needed to go home.  I left and cried the entire way home and I felt really stupid cus I was mad for no reason.

Later that night he called and we apologized to each other then he asked me if he could come over.  I told him yeah, so I sneaked him in the house like I often did.  We were making out like we usually did and he was touching my breast and rubbing my nipples I was so turned on my thighs were shaking and my pj pants were getting all wet.  He looked in my eyes and asked me “if I told you, you were beautiful would you believe me?  ” I started to cry and he asked me again.  I said yes.

He truly did make me feel beautiful he truly knew how to treat me he was always so good to me and so sweet.  He knew how to show me I was beautiful.  I looked him in the eyes and confessed I wanted him to be my first.  He almost fell back he was so surprised.  I laughed at him naturally and told him we have all night I knew my parents could not hear us since there room was downstairs and never went up to check on me.  So I told him to lock the door just in case as he did that I took off all my clothes he turned around and got rock hard seeing me stand there naked I smiled and he looked me right in the eyes asked me if I was sure.  I assured him I was.  And he kissed my neck and we made love that night.  We have been together now for 4 years we get married in two weeks.

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