My Mothers Friend

When I was 17 years old I was jacking off in the bathroom and a friend of my mother who was staying with us for a while walked in and saw what I was doing.  I jumped up and pulled my pants up and tried to get past her but she was a very fat women and she had me pinned in the room.  She asked me if I had ever fucked a girl and I said no.  She then asked me if she could see my cock.

She said that her husband would not let her play with his cock and thats why she was staying with us.  Even though she was fat and she was ugly.  She took me to my mothers` bedroom and made me take off my pants and underwear.  She played with cock and it got back to being hard, as she played with it I was getting close to shooting off and told her if she didn’t stop I was going to cum.  She said thats all right if I came, and she pulled my foreskin up and down over my cockhead, I pushed up off the bed and as I was cumming she took it in her mouth ans sucked it all down.

I was holding her head with both of my hands and pushed every inch of my 4 inches into her mouth.  She was crying and said how she loved doing that to her husband and she said she would do it to me when ever I wanted her to.  It was close to the time that my mother was do home from work.  I pulled my pants back up and we went back in the living room and watched tv.  She kept saying how happy she was and how she loved sucking my cock.

My mother came home and went to take a bath as she allways does after work, as soon as was in the tub rose thats her name came over the sofa and asked me to let her suck my cock while we had the time.  She gave me a great sucking and after I blew my sperm in her mouth she sat up and asked me if I would fuck her tomarrow?  She said it`s been 3 years since her husband had fucked her and she was tired of masturbation.

That led up to us fucking and her sucking me off almost every day for 2 years until she moved out on her own.

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