Fishing In Her Pants

You always remember the first time.  I was 18 and my girlfriend who I had been dating for just over a year was a year younger.  This was back in the mid-70’s, so relationships started out slow.  It took three months to get to the heavy petting.  My girl was only 5 foot-three and very tiny in all ways.  Her breasts were not large but were perfectly formed.  They were the first breasts I had ever sucked, so I actually thought they were pretty large.  Later experiences told me they weren’t.

Both of us were virgins, so every step into a deeper relationship was new to us.  I am the middle of four brothers, so pussy sightings in my house were limited to my mother who kept her parts well-hidden.  Sucking and feeling Meg’s tits kept me satisfied for a few months.  I know she loved it, because she usually groaned letting me know she appreciated my work.  After our dates, I would go home and masturbate at least a couple of times.

Obviously she could feel my hard cock pressing against her as we made-out.  We were into our fourth or fifth month when she finally got up the nerve to rub my cock on the outside of my jeans.  When she did, I exploded almost immediately and she discovered a wonderfully wet sensation.  I had rubbed her pussy through her cloths on several occasions, but she had never let me into her pants.  Two weeks after she copped the first feel of my cock, we were in her basement making out.  By then rubbing my cock through my jeans had become a custom.  On this occasion, I decided it was time to make another try at getting into her pants.  As she rubbed my cock and I sucked her tits, her breathing got heavier and heavier.

I instinctively knew now was the time.  I slide my hands down to her crotch.  She was wearing shorts and even though her legs were together, I maneuvered my hand up the leg of her shorts.  Much to my surprise she spread her legs, and my fingers waltzed into the end zone.  Her panties were wet, wet.  Even though I had never felt up a girl before, my middle finger automatically entered her warm, hot crevice.  As I pushed it deeper she let out a powerful oh- o-o-o which was followed by an intense gush which soaked her shorts and the couch.  When she gushed, I let loose with an orgasm of my own.

A month later on a Saturday afternoon fishing trip, my cock replaced my fingers.  We were fishing on a remote trout stream.  We took a break for lunch and spread out a blanket on a little knoll above the stream.  I had no intention of fucking her that day.  After lunch we lay on the blanket and I went for her tits, as she knew I would.  She must have made up her mind even before we ate lunch that this was going to be the place and time when she would lose her virginity and take mine.  As my tongue tickled her nipples, she went for my crotch and my zipper.  Instinctively, I went for the top button of her jeans, so I could slide my hand inside.  For the first time, her hand dove into my pants and when her soft fingers touched it I groaned in ecstasy.

It didn’t take much coaxing to slide her jeans down.  As I stared at her black fuzzy pussy, she said no fair.  You’ve seen mine.  I want to see yours.  I slide my jeans off and she looked pleased as she saw my six-inch cock for the first time.  She reached out and again touched it gently and in the meantime I worked two fingers into her tight hole.  She moaned and said give it to me now, before I change my mind.  I did !

Like I said, you never forget the first time.  Of course, there was a second and third time before we went home that day.  I caught five trout, but the trophy I prized most that day was the first girl I had ever completely conquered.  She and I continued to fuck for about one more year, before we broke up.  I saw her about 5 years ago, and my cock went hard.  We talked, laughed, and she introduced me to her husband and two kids.  I introduced her to my wife and three kids.  We both smiled, I am sure thinking the same thing, we never talked about that trout fishing trip.

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