My Best Friends Mom

My first time was with my best friends mom.  She had too much to drink one night and came home pretty late.  I was sleeping over and was getting something to drink when she walked in.  She looked so hot and I knew she was drunk.  She walked over to me and sat down on the chair.  Next thing I knew I was grabbing her boobs and sucking on them.  One thing led to another and  she was sucking my dick and I was eating her out and fucking her on the kitchen floor.

We took a break and I went to get the camera and started to take pictures of her.  She started calling me her husband’s name telling me to fuck her again so I did, and this time she memtioned to not pull out.  So I filled her up with what I had left.  I took more and more pictures.  When she woke up that morning she realized it wasn’t her hubby that was fucking her.  She started apologizing.  She promised me that she’ll do anything to keep this a secret.  Four years has passed and I still use her for sex.  And she has a three year old girl from me.  She’s like my own call girl that I don’t have to pay.

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