The Bike Ride

When I left school and started at my first job I met a guy, about 25 years old who was friendly towards me and sat with me at lunch break and talked with me.  I was flattered that a guy of his age would talk to me, I was only just 18.  He offered to take me out in the evenings and teach me how to ride his new motorcycle and the first time we had just got to a quiet road and I got on the front of the bike and I got a fright when his hand dropped down into my lap and cupped my balls.  I took his hand away and about ten minutes later he did it again.  When I took his hand away again he told me to stop the bike and he would take me home as I didn’t seem to be really interested in riding his bike.

Next day at work he told me to let him know when I was interested.  About two weeks later I decided to put up with him doing that so I told him I wanted to go out riding again.  He was pleased and he took me out that very evening.  As soon as I got on the front of the bike he started to play with my cock and balls through my clothes.  I got really hard and couldn’t wait to get home and into the shower to masturbate.  Next day at work he asked me if I liked him playing with me and I felt very shy as I admitted that I did.  He also told me that he reckoned that I wanked myself when I got inside at home and that I had imagined it was his hand doing it.  I was surprised but I had to admit he was right.

He took me out a couple more times, I really loved it but I wouldn’t let him open my trousers.  Then one night he took me up to a park to a secluded spot and played with my cock and balls through my clothes and opened my shirt and sucked and pulled at my nipples which I liked very much.  When he tried to open my fly I wouldn’t let him and he got cranky and said we were going home.  I told him I was going over into the bushes for a piss.  I walked over and took out my cock and felt it.  I didn’t want a piss, I wanted to be wanked, and by him and then I had a funny idea that if I accidentally forgot to close my trousers then it wouldn’t be anyone’s fault if he got his hands on my bare cock.

I tucked my cock inside the leg of my trousers and went back and sat down next to him.  When he didn’t do anything I picked up his hand and put it on my thigh.  He waited a moment and then slowly slid his hand up into my crotch, I felt him hesitate as he realised my fly was open and then it was so wonderful as his fingers slipped inside and found my bare cock.  He kissed me and put his tongue into my mouth as he gently got my cock out and then he wet his fingers and caressed my knob, it was the most delicious sensation I’d ever known.  I let him undo my belt and the waistband of my trousers and he eased them down and then got my balls out of my boxer shorts too and I loved it so much as he played with me.  He asked me lots of questions about how old I was when I first started to play with myself and how old was I when I could first cum.

I was happy when he told me I had a good sized cock for my age and that my balls were much bigger than other boys he’d met.  He asked me if I wanted to cum and when I said I did he made me promise that my cock and balls were his property and all the cum my balls made were for his use only.  I didn’t understand but I wanted to cum so much I readily promised anything he wanted.  After teasing me for ages he finally said he would let me cum and he got out of his pocket a pair of girl’s white satin panties and put them over my cock and kept on masturbating me until I spurted and spurted my cum into them.  It was the most intense orgasm I’d ever had and iId been wanking myself every day since I was ten.

I watched as he got his own cock out and put the wet panties over it and wanked himself and it was only a few seconds and I watched as he pumped his own semen into them.  He was pleased when he found I was still hard and he wrapped the wet panties over my cock and around my balls.  The sensations of warm wet patches and cold wet patches were exciting and when he began to wank me again I felt so excited.  It wasn’t long before I was able to give a couple more spurts into the wet panties.  Frank was really pleased with me, he told me he knew i’d be a juicy boy but he was surprised just how much semen I could spurt.  I happily promised him that I would play with myself every night and massage my balls but that I would stop before I let myself cum.  He was pleased and kissed me and got me to suck his tongue before he took me home.

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