Friends Going Away Party

My friend Sam got hired in another state.  The day before he left he came over to my place.  We bought some beers and came back to my place and watched porn movie on cable.  We was watching this blonde suck this guys cock and we were both horny and he pulled out his 10 inch black cock and I got naked and started playing with my 6inch.  He looked at me and said I had a nice white ass and rubbed it and gave it a spank.  Â he laughed ” big butt but a little dick” I looked at his hard cock and he pulled back the foreskin I asked him if he wanted to fuck me and he said yes but I didn’t want to be ass fucked and he said ok.  So I went and put some Olive oil on my dick and balls and laid on my back on the couch and he got on top of me.Â

He started rubbing his cock against my dick and his cock got real hard and felt good rubbing against my dick and stomach.  Then he stopped and got a shoe string from my shoe and tied it around my ball sack.  He started fucking me again for a few more minutes and then stopped again.  He got up and said he was going to have marcus over so he called him and told him he was fucking me.  He handed the phone to me and marcus asked me if I like being fucked by a big black cock and I smiled and said yes.  He said he’d be over in 30 minutes.  Sam got on top of me and resumed fucking I asked him how come he not going to cum and he said that when he squirts im really going to get it.  We rested again and then a knock on the door and looked at peephole and it was marcus so I opened door and he liked that I was nude.  He asked why string on my balls and Sam told him so I wouldn’t cum.  Marcus got naked and his black cock flopped out and Sam pointed to the floor and I laid down and he got on top again and he told ne look at his cock and I did and his cockhead came out.  He fucked me while marcus sat on couch and massaged his cock telling me he’s going to face fuck me.  Then Sam arched up and groaned and marcus said ” give it to him Sam yes” Sam squirted five times.  Three times on my face and 2 on chest.  He got off me and said his balls feel better.Â

Marcus got on top and stuffed his cock in my mouth and while I sucked him my phone rang and Sam said I can’t talk with mouth full.  They both laughed.  Then shortly he held my arms down as he exploded im my mouth.  The cum squirted on side of my face.Â

Marcus joined Sam on the couch and he said I was his bitch.  Â

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