The Hunk That Turned Me

I always said I was not gay……

I was coming home one night from work on the train when I seen this fit lad sitting himself, I had seen him a few times on the train and he always used to give me a nice sexy smile, I went over to sit next to him and thats when we got talking, he went on to say he was looking for a builder to do his kitchen, I replyed I was a builder and that id have a look, I phoned up my wife to say id be late home for tea, we got to his station and then walked to his huge house, he said his wife was away, he showed me what he wanted done, as I took the notes ect he said he would be back in a couple of minutes..

….A few minutes passed and he returned, and to my shock he was standing in a little red g-string with his huge cock & balls hanging out, he then moved over to kiss me, I stepped back and asked what he was doing, he said anytime he seen me on the train he would go to the loo to wank himself off over me, I was quite shocked by this, but very turned on aswell, he then moved over and thats when our lips locked to each other, we kissed and kissed in his kitchen then he led me up to his room where he had sat a little sexy g-string, black stockings, bra, and high heels out for me, he asked if I would put them on for him so I did, I felt very very sexy in the g-string, black stockings, bra, and high heels as it was the first time id done something like this, we fell on his king size bed where we kissed again for a while, I couldnt get over I was doing this to a man, it felt really good, he then pulled out my still cock and gave me the best blowjob ever, I came in seconds, I was loving it, I then returned favour and went down on him and sucked his massive cock & balls, I then out baby oil over his huge 6 – pack, I put a condom on his cock and he took me up my tight virgin arse 69 style, it felt so right as he pumped me like his bitch, it was so hot wairing that bra and g-string, time went on and on, it was then my turn to take the rains and take him doggystyle up the arse

Time passed on, he put cum over my face and licked it off and spat it on my arse, I still couldnt get over I was having gay sex with a tall dark handsome hunk with a 6 – pack in his huge house

After the sex we went for a hot shower togather, he washed my huge cock with his hands and mouth, we then dryed ourselfs off and took each others mobile number

We now meet up 3 times a week at hotels to fuck and cum over each other, we are planning on inviting one of his freinds to join us on a hot sex session

Our wifes are now the best of freinds, but they don’t know our secret

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