My First Time

I had my first gay experience the other week after a long night drinkin me an an mate that I’ve known for years went back to his flat where he said I could sleep on his couch.  Liam didn’t seem like the kind of person that would be gay as he had always seemed homophobic to me.  So anyway I decided to sleep on the couch the thing is I sleep naked so I went to sleep naked on the couch with a cover over me.

The next thing I know I’m feeling pleasure so I opend my eyes to see liam wanking my rock hard cock.  I asked him what he was doing and he said “I was going to the kitchen to get a drink and I saw you naked on the couch you must have knocked the cover off, and you must have been having a good dream because Ur cock was rock hard and I just couldn’t help myself I have always wanted to play with your cock.”

This freaked me out a little but he was still rubbin my cock and it felt so good I told him that just this once he could play with me as much as he wanted but that I would not have sex with him.  He instantly forced my cock deep in to his throat it was the best blow job I have ever had cause I came in no time and he took all my cum in his mouth and swallowed all of it I thought it only right considering how hard he was that I repay the favour.  So I did.

But this got me really horny so I got a condom out of my wallet and tried male anal sex I could give it no problem it was just like normal anal sex. I didnt even try taking it but I go round every other day now and we play with each other and I ocasionally fuck him but I’m thinking I might try taking a cock up my arse just to see what its like.  I’ll let you know if I do or not.

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