My First Blowjob

I meet this guy on the internet.  We hooked up at a mall.  I thought he was hot and the feelings were mutual.  I told him that it would just be a quick meeting and then I would think about it and get back to him.  But the time seemed right.  I said take me for a cruise around so we can talk in private.  He said ok.  So we cruised around.  It was just getting dark.  After a few minutes I asked if he minded if I checked him out.  He acted a little surprised but said yeah.
I unzipped him and pulled his hard cock out.  It was dripping wet with pre-cum.  So was mine.  I played with it.  Rubbed him and stroked him some.  Then I licked his cock with my tongue.  His balls to his head then back down again.  I was so hot and he was too.  I stuck his cock into my mouth and went down on him.  As I came up I stroked his cock and bring all his pre cum into my mouth.  At a stop sign I frenched him sharing his pre cum.  I went back down and started to work him good.  I said just surprise me when you cum and if I try and pull off just hold the top of my head and say relax and swallow.  It wasn’t long and he was cumming.  It hit the back of my throat.  I started to pull but he held his hand on the top of my head and said relax and swallow.  So I did as he pumped his load into my mouth.  I would hold the end of his cock so he would pump a couple of times before I would let it go and shoot into my mouth.  One time I let his cock come out of my mouth and pump some on my lips and around my face.  I looked up as I licked the cum off my lips and said do you have a place where we can go and fuck?  He said yessss!!  All excited he went to his place.  He said his wife was out of town and I was welcome to stay over.  Cool.
We walked in the garage door into the kitchen when he reached around me and undid my pants pulling them and my underwear to the ground.  I stepped out and he threw them aside.  Then he pealed off my shirt.  My virgin athletic body was exposed.  I undressed him.  We go to the bed room and I said lets take a shower.  So we did.  Soaping each other up.  Stroking each other.  I have never had a man touch me like this and it was driving me crazy.  Rubbing all over each other.  He was behind me with his cock running up and down my crack.  He said what changed my mind from talking to fucking.  I said he looked too hot to let go.  We went to the bed after we helped each other dry off.  We were both dripping precum again.  So we went to 69.  Then I said will you fuck me.  He said how would you like it.  He laided on his back and I straddled him.  His cock was nice, 7″ cut.  My cock was still dripping so I rubbed my precum on his cock and then I eased his cock into my crack.  As I ran it up and down my crack I would push it into my hole and then milk his cock to get as much lub in my hole as I could.  Each time I would go deeper.  Once my hole opened to his cock I started to go up and down working his cock deeper and deeper.  Once the lub was working real good I pumped up and down.  I told him as he was fucking me that I loved having his cock in my ass.  I told him I couldn’t wait till he blew his wad.  He was getting hotter and hotter.  I climbed off and laid flat down.  He mounted me and started to fuck me hard.  He called me his bitch and told me I was going to get his load.  Then I felt him cumming.  I could feel him pumping his hot cum into my ass.  He buried it deep.  I reached around and pulled him tight.  When he was done it was my turn.  I rolled him on his stomach.  Then I started to take the precum from my cock and rub it around his hole.  I put my cock at his hole and pushed it in just a little.  This is my first guy fuck and so I got all excited and came right away.  I pushed my cock into his ass as I came.  My body just arched as I came.  It was the best orgasm I had had in a long time.  We both collapsed and fell asleep.  Wasn’t long and he was playing with my cock again.  We had sex 3 more times that night and the next morning.  We slept in late.  We were woke up by his wife who came home early and surprised us.  It was obvious what went on.  She wasn’t real upset.  She kind of got a little excited about it.  We are going to get together again.  My ass cant wait.

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