My Best Friend

I told my best friend that if he dredsed up as girl I would take him to the movies.  It was just a joke to me but he did it and he looked good too.  We got there and sat way at the top where the coulpes go to make out.  I knew he was gay but it did not bither me at all.  As we watched the movie it had some good sex parts in it.  I pointed to a pair that were going at pretty good before her head went down to his lap.  My friend must have seen that my cock was hard in my jeans and whisper to me that he`would love to take care of it for me like the other couple were doing.  It was the first time that he come on to me.  I was very horny seeing Jim dressed up like a girl so I pulled my cock out and said go for it buddy.

He sucked my cock so good I wished I would of had him do it sooner.  I busted me nuts right in his mouth and he drank it all down.  When he was done he sat up and asked me how it was?  I said that I wanted him to do it again when we got back to my house.  When we got back he took off the girls clothes and the wig and said he was ready to suck me some more.  I could not get hard from him sucking and made him put the wig back on, my cock got up then and he gave me a great suck off.

After he drained my cock he stood up and his cock was standing up hard.  He looked at me and I did not have to ask him what he wanted.  I pulled him over to me and took his cock and tryed to suck him as good as he sucked me.  I must of done it right because he unloaded his cum in my mouth and it was a feeling I was wanting along time.  To feel a cock in my mouth shooting a load of spunk.  After that night me and Jim would suck each others cocks all the time.  We even fuck each others ass now and then.

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