I’ve Done A Gangbang

I was at a night club 3 years ago for new years Eve.  I met a very handsome Marine and we hit it off and before too long I was pretty drunk. (I’m 33 years old, single, and an attorney ) .  He introduces me to his two best friends.  The four of us drank for a while and I got even more drunk.  I suggested getting a hotel room for “some fun”.  We did.  Once there I lost all control.

I went to this party dressed very seductively.  I did indeed plan to pick up a man and get fucked.  I did not intend for what happened to happen.  It just did.  When we got to the room I did a nice strip tease for the men (all were very handsome and ended up that they were all very well endowed, and did they ever know how to use it!  ) I removed my blouse, then my skirt, and then my panties.  I left the sexy stuff on!  Stiletto’s, stockings, garter belt, and sexy lacy bra.  All in black.  Once I got down to my sexy ‘costume’, I asked “would any of you gentlemen like to have your cock sucked?  ” in the blink of an eye I had 3 beautiful hard cocks displayed.  And that’s when the fun began.  These three men were about to be shipped out to iraq, 2 or 3 days away.  I was so thoroughly fuck that night.  I mean those three men did me every which way you could imagine.

The really crazy scary thing was that there wasn’t a condom in sight.  All 3 came inside me time and time again.  We stayed in the hotel room for a good 12 hours fucking our brains out.  There was the occasional cumming in my face, but for the most part they always came inside of me.  I didn’t mind in the least.  .  .  But after I sobered up I was scared to death.  2 weeks later I finally got my period and that made me very happy.  I finally worked up the nerve to get tested for std’s and was ecstatic when the all came back negitive.  After that I finally forgave myself.

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