The Life Of The Party

I was at a party, and I wanted to make sure everyone noticed me.  I have really big tits, 38d, and I didn’t wear a bra.  I was dancing, making sure they bounced, rubbing them up and down on guys, grinding with other men.  It was a small graduating party, so there weren’t a lot of people there, but every one of them noticed me.  I got a little drunk and was kissing any guys who looked at me.  Pretty soon, I was dancing naked on a table.  When I got down, I was grabbed by a guy.  We kissed and he felt me up, rubbing his hands all over me.  I pulled out his cock and sucked it.  Pretty soon there were cocks all around me, and I was sucking one and going to the next.  Pretty soon I was fucking one guy and going on to the next.  I had sex with 8 guys that night.  I didn’t know any of them, but I sure as hell know them now.

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