Gangbang Birthday

Last weekend was my girlfriends birthday so saw the least we partied pretty hard.  We finished the night around 2 am at a local bar and decided to get a hotel room rather then trying to drive.  We invited anyone who couldn’t drive to stay with us.  As it turned out there was about 7 of us, 6 guys and 1 girls I went to the washroom in the room and came back to find my girl lip locked with a buddy.  At first they didn’t see me through all the people but they broke it off when they did see me.  Both of them figured that I was going to be pissed at them.

I pulled my gf aside and told her that tonight is her night and she can do whatever she wants..  No holds bar.  At first she didn’t understand and kept saying she felt bad.  I responded with “It’s your night, have fun”.  It didn’t take long before she started kissing just about every guy in the room.  As she did the guys would grab a hand full of what every they wanted.  Then it happened, she lost all fear and started giving blowjobs and stripping off her clothes.  She acted like I wasn’t there and was loving every minute.  There she was, my soon to be wife surrounded by 5 hard cocks.  Now, there isn’t much to her, she’s about 5’5″ and about 110 pounds so it wasn’t hard for one guy to pick her up and throw her a bed.

To make a long story short all six of us guys took turns fucking her brains out and blowing our loads in her now well used cunt.  I fell asleep around 4 am and things were slowing down alot.  I awoke around 9 to find my little slut curled up next to two guys in the other bed.  I decided that I was going to shower before there were no more clean towels left.  As I exited the bathroom I found my girl awake and riding one of the guys again.  It was the best sight ever.  The look of pleasure on her face as she looked me in the eye.  They finished up as I watched and jerked off on her face.

As the rest of the guys woke up they were quick to leave feeling a bit guilty.  Soon there was only the two of us left.  We called the front desk and kept the room for the rest of the day so we could cuddle and nap.  We have talked very openly about what happened that night and agreeed that she is allowed to fuck anyone or group as long as I was there and as long as it does not turn into a relationship.

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