My Naughty Wife

This Saturday just gone we had an evening without the kids.  Great!  We thought, we can kick back and have some adult fun.  Most often we invite a single male over and have a threesome, however my wife had mentioned that she would like to take on more than two guys at once so I said ok, sure!, I’m up for watching and participating in that.  Either way it was mother’s day weekend and an ideal mother’s day gift from me to her.

We decided to try and assemble 5 males including myself to entertain my horny wife and placed an ad in the looking section for single males who were interested in coming over to play with us.  My wife’s pussy was soaking wet all day just from the anticipation alone and I would lift her skirt every so often and stroke her pussy through the now rapidly spreading damp patch in her panties.

Replies started to arrive and I did the back and forth emailing and arranged to meet one guy (we will call him darren) who we have met before and another guy (we shall call him David ) who we had never met before.  We did communicate with others but for one reason or another didn’t make arrangements to meet.  We ended up with half our target but it was still a step up from a threesome.

We arranged to meet at our home and told our guests to arrive at between 7:00pm and 7:30pm.  My wife eagerly started to get herself ready after the kids left at 5:30pm and jumped into the shower to shave her pussy and then got out and chose her outfit for the anticipated fun.  She eventually chose a black garter belt, black silk stockings, white panties and a white bra with an extremely short skirt and a see through white blouse.  She looked awesome and I just wanted to take her there and then!

David arrived first at just after 7 and we showed him into the lounge where we had a porn video playing on the large screen tv just to help set the mood for our guests.  We chatted for a while as we waited for darren and then shortly after 7:30 darren arrived and my wife let him in and showed him into the lounge.  We chatted casually for about 20 minutes or so and half paid attention to the porn movie playing on the tv but it soon became obvious that my sexy wife was becoming the focus of attention as she sat on the coffee table and you could occasionally catch glimpses up her skirt of her white panties.  I said it looks like we are all interested in seeing what you are wearing under there and so she slowly stood up, lifted her skirt and gave us a slow twirl and then lowered her skirt again.

Darren stood up behind my wife and put his arm around her waist and moved his hand up and started to feel her tits, David also stood up and stood just to the side of my wife to get a better look and my wife reached out and started to stroke his cock through his pants.  David started to get excited and began undoing the buttons on her top and then removed it as she yanked his belt, pants button and zip undone to get at his now bulging cock.  David stepped out of his clothes quickly and moved back into the same position he was before and my wife swiftly wrapped her hand around his big thick swollen cock which was now dribbling a stready stream of precum.  Meanwhile darren was cupping and squeezing her tits and easing them out of her lacey white bra.  My wife has huge nipples that get extremely hard when she is horny and they were hard enough to poke your eyes out.

She reached her other hand around behind her and grasped darren’s cock which was even bigger than david’s, David was about 7.  5 inches and thick but darren was huge in comparison and must have been at least 10 inches!  My wife sank to her knees and grasped a cock in each hand as I watched eagerly with my cock nearly bursting out of my pants.  I removed my pants as I watched my slide her lips over david’s dribbling cock head and heard her moan with pleasure as she tasted his juices and then moved her lips down his thick hard shaft.  She sucked and licked david’s big cock for a few minutes before switching over to darren’s massive cock, her mouth could barely even fit around it’s girth and her cheeks were swollen like a chipmunk as she sucked on his cock and then licked it.

She then switched her attentions back to david’s cock as darren removed her wet white panties,  laid on the floor and buried his head between her legs and started to lick her wet pussy.  It didn’t take very long before she was spasming and screaming during her first of many orgasms.  Darren moved out and got onto his knees and started to feed his big hard cock into her.  The size of his cock made her gasp with pleasure and she had to stop sucking on david’s cock for a minute as she took darren’s massive cock.  Darren slowly fucked her for a couple of minutes or so giving her that distant glazed look of pleasure in her eyes and then steadily pulled his huge cock out of her.  Watching that huge cock slide in and out of my horny wife’s soaking wet pussy looked totally awesome.

She said let’s go upstairs and continue this and we gathered up our clothes and went upstairs into the bedroom where my wife climbed onto the bed and positioned herself directly in the middle with her legs spread slightly apart.  Darren and David climbed onto the bed either side of her and started kising her, feeling her tits and stroking her wet pussy.  My wife looked just like the cat that got the cream laid back on the bed with a thick hard cock in each hand which had always been a fantasy of hers to have a big cock in each hand without either of them being mine.

She rolled onto her side and moved slowly down to start sucking darren’s cock and David spread her legs and started to lick her pussy.  It wasn’t long before she was moaning and gasping with pleasure again as her face colored up and she had yet another intense orgasm.  She then flipped over over and David climbed between her open legs and pushed his cock into her gaping pussy, I watched his cock nudge at her pussy opening and then slip straight into her eagerly awaiting pussy, she let out a big gasp as he entered her.  David started to build momentum and began slapping his cock into her hard and she began urging him on with “oh yes, fuck me, fuck me, oh my god that cock feels so good inside me, give me that cock, fuck me, fuck me” as she erupted into another intense orgasm.

This was all too much for darren whose cock she was trying to suck between moaning, urging David on and cumming and he started to spurt thick jets of cum over her face as she quickly wrapped her lips over the head of his cock and let him shoot into her mouth.  After what seemed like an eternity he finished cumming into her mouth and she took her mouth off his cock and opened her mouth to show us that her mouth was overflowing with cum before she swallowed it.  Her face was absolutely covered in darren’s sperm.  Meanwhile David lifted her legs up higher and started to pound her hard until she was begging him to cum into her pussy, about 30 seconds later David started to speed up and then groaned as he started to unload his cum deep into my wifes pussy as she urged him on and begged him to take her like a slut.

We took a break for about 20 minutes or so and darren started to play with her tits as she reached for his limp cock and worked on it for a while until it started to grow again.  David laid back and enjoyed the view as she kissed darren and stroked his cock hard again, darren pushed her over onto her back and climbe between her legs and stroked the tip of his huge cock against her pussy causing her to wriggle and moan trying to get it inside her, with one push he slid the whole length into her and she let out a cry of pleasure.  Darren fucked her deep and slow for about 5 minutes or so making her gasp with pleasure and then began to pump into her harder until she came once again.  Arren started to get tired so she offered to do some of the work and climbed on top of his cock as David and I watched it slide in and out of her.  David started to get hard again and stood up and fed his cock into her mouth as she continued to ride darren.

Darren started to twitch and said he was going to cum and she begged and urged him to cum into her and he let go inside her pussy, you could see the cum trickling out of her from both now and previously.  She started to wank david’s cock faster as she slid her lips back and forth over it and he asked her if she wanted a load in her mouth or in her pussy, she replied “i want it in my pussy” and so she quickly climbed off darren, rolled onto her back as David plunged his cock into her and about 2 or 3 strokes later he came heavily into her a second time.

She then beckoned me over and sucked my throbbing cock for a minute or two and then asked me to climb on and fuck her.  She nows I love to fuck her while her pussy is full of someone else’s spunk, but this time she had 3 loads in her and it felt out of this world as I slid my cock into her and literally came within 10 strokes because I was so excited.  Our guests left after an hour or so of recovering and web fucked another 4 times before finally going to sleep.  It was one hell of a night and I will never forget it, but then I took at least 200 photos so the memory will always remain vivid.

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