My Wife, My Slut

About 5 years ago my wife and I went out to a nightclub after visiting a few local bars.  I had drunk quite a bit and did not feel like dancing but my wife wanted to dance anyway.  I suggested that she dance on her own which she eventually did after realising that I wasn’t going to be persuaded.  Soon after she started dancing a group of 3 guys started dancing with her and taking turns.  My wife stayed on the dance floor for about 15 to 20 dances and then came to sit back down at our table.  The 3 guys she had been dancing with came over and asked if it was ok to join us and I said yes sure.  We were laughing and joking and having more and more drinks and all having a real great time.  Soon the last slow dances of the evening were playing and my wife wanted to get up and dance again.  The guys volunteered to dance with her and took it in turns to dance slowly with my wife.  I could see she was enjoying the attention and dancing closely.  After the last dance had played the lights dimmed and the music stopped and my wife returned to our table with her entourage.  There was nowhere else open to get a drink so I suggested that we all go back to our place and have a nightcap.  The 3 guys got in our car and as we drove along home my wife kept looking at me as if she was going to ask something but couldn’t quite get it out.

We arrived home and stumbled into the house and poured ourselves large drinks and sat with myself and my wife on the couch and the guys in the easy chairs.  My wife suggested that we put on some music and you guessed, she chose slow dance music.  The guys never needed any suggestions and were soon dancing around the room with my wife who suggested that the lights were dimmed to set the mood.  After a few minutes of dancing under dimmed lights one of the guys she was dancing with started to feel her ass through her plaid skirt.  I didn’t know whether to be angry and put a stop to it or just pass it off as harmless flirting.

Strangely watching started to turn me on and an erection started to stir in my pants.  I watched as she was passed from one to the other and each one went a little further, cupping her breasts through her top and rubbing up against her pussy.  By this time I was getting quite excited at the thought of what might happen.  I suggested that they would have much better access to her tits if they unbuttoned her top.  My wife looked at me with a knowing look in her eye and immediately knew that it was ok to continue.  The guys started to unbutton her top as she threw her head backwards and pushed her long hair out of the way.  She started kissing the nearest guy and guided his hands to her bra clad breasts and motioned to him to squeeze them.  One of the other guys moved up behind my wife and rubbed up against her ass which she pushed out towards him.  He moved his arms around her waist and smoothly unclasped her skirt and let it fall down around her ankles which she quickly stepped out of.  There she was dancing in just her bra and panties.  She quipped that it hardly seemed fair that she was half undressed and everyone else was dressed.  She beckoned to the 3 guys to start taking off their clothes and they quickly began to undress knowing what was in store for them.  They undressed and removed all of their clothes and my wife beckoned to me to remove my clothes too.  I removed my clothes and my wife beckoned me over to her.  One of the guys said it’s hardly fair that we are now all naked and my wife still has her panties and bra on.  My wife replied that she wasn’t going to remove them but if anyone wanted to volunteer to remove them for her she would more than happy to assist them.

One of the guys went behind her to undo her bra strap as she let her hand flop behind her back and she immediately gripped his hard cock.  One of the other guys moved around to her front and started to pull her panties down around her ankles and then immediately buried his face into her hot cunt.  The other guy moved over to her and started to suck her left tit as she used her free hand to play with his thick cock.  I moved over and took her right tit into my mouth as she groaned and moaned and move from my cock to the other.  Eventually she was manouvered down onto the floor where one cock after another was fed into her mouth and her wet cunt was licked by each of us in turn.  My wife had a few deep orgasms as her cunt was licked and was now pleading for cock.  One of the guys asked her if that was an offer and she said “oh yes” and he moved himself over her body and slid his hard cock into her and almost made her cum again as he entered her.  He fucked her for about 5 minutes until he declared that he was about to cum and asked her where he should cum.  My wife screamed out, no, don’t stop, anywhere and after a only a couple more strokes he tensed up and started to gush inside her as she gripped him.  The sensation made my wife buck and twist as she came loudly in unison.

The next guy took the place of the other almost immediately and slid straight into her prefucked cunt and pounded into her hard and excitedly.  The change in tempo made her cum loudly twice and he came into her for what seemed like an etermity.  After he got off she looked like the cat that had got the cream, literally she had and the next guy climbed on top of her, he had the biggest cock of them all and it must have been at least 9 and a half inches and thick.  He slid into my wife with ease and soon had the whole thing buried into her.  I could see her cunt lips stretched around him as he rocked back and forth into her, slow and deep.  She was giving out long gasps and moans as he slowly increased the pace making her cum again and again as he nudged her cervix.  The first guy having now recovered moved around and fed his cock into my wifes open mouth and she eagerly sucked him.  The guy fucking her fucked her non stop for nearly 15 minutes before finally exploding into her.

As soon as he climbed off my wife she pulled me on top of her and I slid my cock straight into her sopping wet cunt.  It felt absolutely sopping wet due to it being full of 3 different guys spunk.  It felt so amazing one because I was as horny as hell and 2 because it was completely different.  I slid into her feeling the wetness and the stickyness as I watched her sucking cock.  The guy filling her mouth started to cum and shot half of it into her mouth and the other half over her face and hair.  She was sticking her spunk covered tongue out and with that I exploded into her with an orgasm of such force.  The guys whose names I never did get got dressed and called a cab.  My wife kissed them at the door and we then went upstairs for yet another session.  We often talk about that night and it is always guaranteed to make us horny.  We plan on doing it again soon, only this time she will set out to seduce someone.  P.  B.

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