Girls Show Off In The Car

My wife and I always enjoy the wilder side of sex and early on in our relationship she confessed that she would like to take another woman.  We met numerous couples and had some fantastic times, however one night we had met a nice couple who we will call Anne and Andy.  Having met in the bar we all got on well and the conversation turned to horny experiences both girls expressing their wantant desire to have sex with each other.  We thought the night was over when time came to an end as we all had to return to our homes.  We arranged to meet the following week and walked into the carpark.

Anne and my wife Jayne walked in front arm in arm giggling like school girls.  I noticed Jayne was stoking annes bums over her short dress, she looked round and said to Anne, “How about we put on a small show for the guys in the car?  ” Anne was willing and the girls climbed into the back of the car with Andy and I in the front looking over at them.  Jayne and Anne wasted no time and were kissing passionatley with tounges darting in and out of each others mouths, annes legs parted and Jayne slipped her dress up showing her white panties.  Anne was squeezing jaynes tits throuh her dress as Jayne pulled her panties to one side and slipped her fingers into her hot sex.  Andy and I were sitting there hard as rock enjoying the show, I could see people passing the car leaving the pub, I was wondering how much they could see.  Now Jayne moved down and licked at annes wet lips fingering her with great passion, annes with her head back moaning wildly, I then saw Andy pull up my wifes dress and rub her pussy through her black g-string, Jayne made no resistance as he pull her g-string off giving her two fingers deep inside.  This caused Jayne to lick Anne all the more and I lent over and started to fondle both women, pulling out their breasts.  Jayne sucked on annes tits and kissed her more which prompted Anne to slip down and lick and suck Jaynes clit, as her husband finger fucked her.  Jayne started to come and scream as her climax hit her.

Andy without prompt climbed into the back of the car and pulled out his cock sitting next to Jayne, she took hold of him and started to wank him slowly as his wife watched and played with her clit, I in the mean time was stuck in the front with no room to move although Anne lent forward and wanked me off.  Anne was sucking on Jaynes tits and Jayne told her she was going to give her husband the best blow job ever, and she lowered her head and started to suck his cock deep in her mouth.  Anne and I watched as she made him squirm with pleasure and I played with both of the girls clits.  Andy said he was close to comming and Jayne told Anne she was going to fuck her husband in front of the in the car.  Anne was not to happy but Jayne convinced her and she mounted his cock and rode him as husband and wife sucked her tits.  Andy couldnt last long and shot his cum all over Jayne’s pussy which was licked clean by Anne.

I being frustrated was promised some attention when we next met and Andy and Anne got dressed and climbed out of the car.  It was then I noticed an number of couples who must of seen what we were upto sitting in their cars enjoying the show.  We said our goodbyes and I took Jayne home rubbing her creamy pussy as we drove and fucked her all that night.  We are yet to meet Anne and Andy again yet but we have many other experiences we can share.  Life is for living so enjoy all you can get.

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