Skinny Dipping Fun

It was a few years ago and late at night after a few drinks.  It was a hot muggy summer night and another couple and my wife and I had been drinking pretty heavy most of the night.  Someone said something about hitting the pool in the backyard about 3am and we all took off for there.  We all slid in the pool quietly so the neighbors didnt hear us and if felt great to cool off in the water.  Soon we were all whispering about skinny dipping and all the suits came off and were on the pooldeck.

I noticed that the other guy was near my wife and he and she were whispering something.  Looking over I saw he was rubbing her tits and had a hand between her legs and she seemed to be enjoying it.  She also had her hand on his cock and was stroking him.  His wife came close to me and I took her into my arms and kissed her and slid my hand between her legs also.  She just moaned as I slid my fingers between her wet pussy lips and deep into her.  Soon we were all on the deck outside the pool making out and having the widest sex ever.  I am not sure if any of the neighbors heard or saw anything but at that point didnt care.  The couple has since moved away but I will always remember that summer night.

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