Hindu Wedding

This is my first confession, I’ve been wanting to share this for a while.

I’m married (2+ years ), female, 26 years old, no children.

Last summer, one of my best friends from work, got married.  She is indian (hindu ) .
The wedding took place in london, and I was invited to both the weddings, one at the civil register office, and the hindu ceremony the following day.  The hindu wedding took place at a large hotel.  I had a room, for two nights, my husband only attended the register office wedding, due to work (he’s self employed  ) .

The first wedding was finished by mid afternoon, my husband returned to the hotel with me, but after a meal, had to leave to get back up to manchester.

The next day, was the main event, this was fantastic, the atmosphere was incredible.

I was wearing a beautiful Sari, and even had my hands painted with henna.  During the day, the wedding was outside, in the hotel garden.  This was the first time I had worn a Sari, and I felt sexy.  I was also getting some attention from, some very handsome young men.  But, there was one man, who kept paying me the most beautiful compliments.This was one of the groom’s uncles, not some young guy, but a
Man of 62 years of age.  His wife retired to her room around 11pm, by 11.  30pm, he was with me in my hotel room.  He said he could only stay with me for about one hour, then he would have to go to his room, because his wife would get angry, if he stayed at the party to long.

At first, I was uneasy about having sex with a man of his age, but I was so horny, I wanted to try some asian cock, but the chance of getting a younger guy away from his wife/girlfriend or family was near impossible.
Knowing we only had a short time together, I took no time in getting undressed, and freshened up in the bathroom.  When I re-entered, the room, mr c, was on the bed, covered my a white sheet.  I could see his chest, he looked rather skinny, I dropped my towel to the floor, and pulled the sheet back.  I don’t know what I was expecting, but this was a very nice surprise.  My husband’s cock is a very nice 8.  5 inches, but this old indian cock was more than this, and still growing.  After a quick tease from my mouth, it stood fully erect, I guess it was over 11inches in size.

Don’t let anyone tell you, that oldmen can’t fuck like young men.  My husband his 29 years old, very fit, and a great lover……  But, I’ve never experienced, such pleasure, like I did, having this old asian guy fucking me.

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