Love That Dark Meat 1

I am writing this confession to anonymous readers because I cannot tell any one that knows me or my husband.  For the past 13 months I have been having adulterous affairs with younger black men.  I cannot believe how they have opened my mind and my body to such incredible physical pleasure.  They have gotten me to the point that I do anything, other then receive pain, that they that they want.  Things my husband begged for,  by the way jewish foreplay is 2 hours of the husband begging, but never received are done with great lust on my part.  Our friends and members of our community would be shocked to know that this upstanding well to do married white mother of 2 grown sons is a black cock black cum loving slut.  I need that black loving all the time.

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  1. Anonymous Sep 23,2012 12:38 am

    Are u 4real?

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