Love Those White Ladies

I am a 52-year-old silver haired black man.  Most white people think that all black men have huge cocks.  They don’t, but I do.  Limp it is 8 inches and hard it grows to almost a foot.  It is also very thick.  As great as it might seem, to have a large cock, it is often a hastle.  I usually need to wear very loose fitting pants so my prick is not noticeable, especially when I get a hard on, which is frequently.  I must admit white girls are always steering at my crotch.  It used to make me feel self-conscious but I decided to change all that.

My apartment complex has a lot of young white girls.  I did notice one of the girls; probably around 23 years old, rather studious looking, but she always wore a short mini-skirt.  She seemed to be a loner and frequently sun bathed at the pool.  One day I noticed that she was the only one sunbathing.  I decided to wear a tight fitting speedo bathing suit to see the white girls reaction.  I lay down beside her in lounge chair and said hi.  She appeared shy but her eyes immediately were fixed on my 8-inch thick cock in my pants.  We talked briefly and I told her that I was going to take a nap, as the day was rather cloudy.  We were situated off in a secluded corner away from the pool.  As I partially closed my eyes I tilted my head and body towards her.  I fantasized about fucking this bookworm young white bitch.  My cock grew in my tight bathing suit and the head of my cock edged out of the top towards my belly button.  Her face turned very red but she kept steering at the head of my massive cock.  I am sure that she had never seen a black mans cock before.  Since it was obvious that she was very turned on by the sight of my cock and would not leave, I decided to be a little bolder.

When she turned away for a moment, I quickly pulled my skintight bathing suit down just below my stiff cock, exposing my rock hard 12-inch member sticking out over the side of the lounge chair towards her.  She was completely mesmerized by my cock, not realizing that I, a perverted old black man, was shamelessly exposing his manhood to an innocent young white girl.  She put her finger under her mini- skirt, rubbing the outside of her panties.  I am sure that she had a big stain of cum.  She become bold and almost touched the long thick shaft of my jet-black cock.  As hot as she was she was too shy to do that.  I told her to grab my big fat cock and feel how thick it is.  She immediately did as I asked and slide her hand from the base to the tip of my cock very slowly, enjoying every moment.  What a sight, a dirty old black guy getting a hand job from a nerdy oversexed young white girl.  I finally shot my load all over her legs.

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