My First Black Guy

I grew up way the fuck up in the woods.  Black guys were like great white sharks to us up there – we knew they were out there, had seen them on tv, but we never saw them up there.  When I was 18, I went to the big city for college.  One of the things on my “to do” list was a black guy.  Maybe I was trying to prove I wasn’t some north woods redneck girl.  And I had heard the stories, the legends.  I didn’t really believe them, but I was a damn curious girl.

He lived two floors up from me in the dorms.  I watched him for a while.  He liked the white girls I knew.  In the dorms it was easy enough to get in his room, the tricky part was being smooth about it.  On a long weekend, after a party I finagled my way in.  He had some really good pot, I pretended I came up for that.  I’m sure now I wasn’t fooling him.  After a good smoke he leaned over and kissed me a bit, felt me up.  I got my hands down to his package, I really needed to know what he had down there.  Alas, it was not so much.  He was a fine strong black man, for sure, but he did not have an oak tree in his jockeys, as I was led to believe.  What he had was quite nice.  It was also uncircumcised, which I had never actually seen before.  Felt funny in my mouth when he pushed my head down on it.

Anyway although he didn’t have the giant black dong I was picturing, this guy could bang like a jackrabbit, and even after the pot he had no trouble getting up again……  And again.  And in the morning too……….
Remember sex in those little twin dorm beds?

Anyway I snuck back downstairs in the morning.  I never went with him again, but always got a nice smile from him when I saw him.”  He was a sweetie.

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