A Taste Of Pakistan

I am a white, blonde female with green eyes.  I have a weekend job at a fish and chip shop run by four middle aged Pakistani men.  The owner, Raj, is extremely sexy and after the shop has closed and we have cleaned up, he always asks to look at my tits (38e ) .  After laughing with him about this and saying no many times, one night I felt horny and agreed – just to shut him up about it!  The effect my white tits had on him was amazing.  He said that he has never touched a white woman before and we ended up fucking furiously out the back, in amongst sacks of potatoes.  My lord is he well hung!  And he really knows what to do with his tongue.  He now wants his brother Sanj to join in for a threesome and I seriously want to fuck all four asian men, all one after the other.  I fantasize about it all the time whilst masterbating.

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A Taste Of Pakistan, 7.5 out of 10 based on 28 ratings

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