My First Black Lover

I grew up in a small midwestern town which is 99.  99% white.  Just out of high school I was waiting tables in a diner to make spending money before I went off to college.  The diner was attached to a strip motel which was often used by truck drivers who used the terminal across the road.  Sometimes we, the waitresses, would be asked to give the driver’s a wake-up call.  Usually, this was done by telephone.  But sometimes when they didn’t answer the phone, we’d go out and knock on the door to make sure they were awake.  Sometimes we had to use the pass key to enter their rooms because they would be sleeping so soundly.  You have to remember, we’re talking really, really, small town here.  Some of the drivers were regulars, so we got to know them pretty well.  They were also predominantly black men.

One afternoon, one of the driver’s had left a message for us to wake him.  It was a really hot day, so we thought possibly because he had the air conditioning on high that he might not have heard the phone, so since it was dead in the diner I said I would go wake him.  I liked Jesse.  He was always nice to me and we had flirted back and forth before in the diner.  I had entertained my own fantasies about him, but never did anything more than that.  I grabbed the pass key in case I needed it and walked out to Jesse’s room.  The motel was designed in that it had an enclosed walkway across the front of the rooms, like a long hallway to keep out the winter elements.  I went to Jesse’s room, and could hear he had the air on.  I knocked, but he didn’t answer, so I used the key to let myself in.  I stepped inside and froze.  I was in total shock.  Jesse was standing there, totally naked because he had just come out of the shower.  Here was this beautiful black man standing before me.  I stammered something about being sorry and was about to walk out when he called me back.  I just stopped and didn’t know what to do until he came up to me.  He stood close behind me and started to tease me about never having seen a black man naked before.  I know I blushed.  Then he started touching me, but I couldn’t leave.  He started kissing my neck, then turned me and kissed me fully on the mouth.  I was really getting turned on, but I knew I had to get back to work.  I started to mumble that I had to go.  He said he understood, but wanted to know if I would come back to his room after my shift finished.  He didn’t have to leave until much later that night.  That meant I had to work another hour, with him most likely coming into the diner for supper – but I said yes.  When he came in, I tried to keep myself busy in the back so that I wouldn’t be letting on to anyone else what was going to happen, but I couldn’t help but to watch him occasionally from my hiding place.

When I was finished working, I got in my car and made like I was leaving, but only drove around to the back side of the motel and parked in an adjoining parking lot.  Since jesse’s room was on the end, it was easy for me to sneak back around the building.  I knocked twice quickly and he opened the door.  He already had his shirt off, and I loved the way his chest looked so well muscled with its curly black mat of hair.  He started kissing me immediatley and soon were both naked on the bed.  He was an incredible lover.  His dark skin against my lily white skin contrast wonderfully.  We made love in more positions than I ever knew were possible!  Jesse was the beginning of my education, and I never saw him again.  But I will never forget my first black lover.

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