My Italian Stud

I was young arrogant and cocky.  I was also a graduate student who got along well with everyone in the department.  I was the only yankee who was nice to the german grad students showing them how to get around town in the big city and where and where not to go and we all became fast and furious friends.  They decided to throw a party and made sure that I knew in no uncertain terms that my presence was highly expected.  I thought one of them was going to hit on me, but no they had found me a playmate.  They had told the Italian he would love me and when they introduced us tht night they told me I would love him.  They met during Nato war games during their required military service in their respective countries.  They were right I absolutely adored that man for the next five and a half years.

The first time I visited him in Italy we spent the weekend at his family’s vacation home in Milan and we must have fucked each other senseless and silly in every room of the villa.  He fucked in the Roman bathhosue on the estate.  He fucked me in the vineyard on the estate.  He fucked me in the olive orchard on the estate.  He fucked me in the stables with the horses watching on the estate.  He fucked me in the swimming pool on the estate.  He fucked me bathrooms on the estate.  He fucked me in six of the seven bedrooms of the estate.  He fucked me on the pergola of the estate.  We finally went to dinner and on the way back to the estate he fucked me on top of the Ferrari before we got back to the estate.

I took a shower and he let me sleep for two hours.  When he woke me up (with the best oral I have ever had I swear he penetrated me as deeply with his tongue as he ever did with his cock -all ten inches hard  ) he fucked me again after making me come with the oral.  We were cooking dinner at the house for ourselves and he sucked me senseless while the sauce was simmering I almost fainted.  We left later that evening to go back to rome where he woke me up that monday sucking my toes then the pussy paying good attention to the clit then the breast then damn near chioked me to death with his tongue when he finally kissed my lips good morning.  I didn’t walk right for three days.  This was the first weekend I spent with one of the best looking me on the planet and it was so great I stayed a total of five and a half years.  There is not a day that goes by tahat I don’t miss that cock, that tongue, his fingers, because sex has never been the same with another man since and believe me I have tried.  If I could clone him I would.  The man even ate me out in the shoe store once.  How we got away with that one I don’t even remember.

I’m just a black girl from Detroit but tell me are there are more white guys in this world like this and if so where can I find him, because after that a brother hasn’t done the trick since.  Please baby, please baby, please.

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