My Black Encounter

My first black girl Tori and I met at a bar and she had a beautiful smile and smelled nice she was tall and had big boobs she mentioned about her ex was in the navy and was coming home soon.  We went back to my place while she toungued my ear it was really exciting knowing id have my first black girl.  We got inside and sat down and kissed.

She immediately sucked my cock then took her top off I got to sample some big round chocolate tits and sweet nipples.  She pulled my pants off.  I pulled her dress and panties off and she had a lovely shaved pussy.  She told me to fuck her.  I fucked her missionary first, then doggy style on the floor she came as I rubbed her shaved area then she got on top and barebacked me and came a lot, moaning like no white woman could.  It was really wild and animalistic!  Then I doggied her again and came then drove her home.

We had phone sex then she suddenly changed her number to unlisted, I realized she was married.  I really wished I went down on her at some point.

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